The $100 Race: Privilege, Class, Social Inequalities Explained - Racism, Immigrants, & Broken Homes

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Have you heard of the $100 Race?

It's a short 4 min video that sums up Privilege, Class, and Social Inequalities.

But if you're an immigrant to a new land, or a child of immigrant parents like I am, it says something about you and your family too.

My parents arrived in Canada in 1968 with just a few dollars to their name.

Within the first few days, they were swindled out of half of what they had.

Not able to speak the language, they took the first jobs they could find, making $1 per hour sowing purses and nylons in the ghettos of Montreal.

Eventually, through hard work, determination, and a will to keep going, they'd buy several homes, build a home in Croatia, and raise two great kids (yes i'm biased). Those two kids, my sister and I, would both go on to finish University, and find and build great lives for themselves here, in Canada.

In doing what they did, in staying together through the hard days, in being there for their kids, mom and dad sacrificed their own lives, so my sister and I could move a few steps up the ladder. They gave my sister and I more privileges and opportunities than they had.

I'm thankful for what our parents sacrificed and accomplished. I'm thankful that they never gave up.

The Moral Of This Story:

In my parents immigrant journey, and journeys where you've faced racism, or hate, or come from a broken home, or are a survivor of your own trauma, of a parent or parents who couldn't support you, there's a single important message for you to remember:

Your dreams matter. You matter. And what you do next in this world, matters the most.

When your race begins...

Some of us will start further back.

Some of us will start near the front.

Which ever position you start, be sure to have a dream and work at it each and every day.

If your starting position is near the front

Don't squander your opportunities. Don't neglect your duties, responsibilities, and gifts. Because someone before you made some big sacrifices. Help yourself, but not at the expense of others, and when times are good, help those behind you. They might just need a hand, or two.

If you're starting near the back

Like my parent did, and like countless others have and will, give it your all. You can do this.

Life wasn't meant to be easy. In fact, it was meant to be hard.

And when you set out to accomplish your goals, no matter what happens, you'll grow along the way.

In moving forward, you'll show the world truly what you're made of. Because you won't give in to fear.

That means you, if you're just starting university, or you, looking for your first big career job, or you, transitioning into what you love now, later in life, late bloomers. And it also means you, those nearing the final chapters of life. It's never too late to do that thing you've always wanted.

But dreams will never be enough. It takes action. And consistency.

Now, if you're ready, let's get to work.

P.s. When you watch this video, take note of the questions as they are asked, and take your own virtual steps forward. Where did you land? The front, back, or somewhere in the middle?

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Until next time, stay inspired...

Oh, and don't forget to get a pair of comfortable walking shoes. You'll need those too.

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