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The $100 Race: Privilege, Class, Social Inequalities Explained - Racism, Immigrants, & Broken Homes

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The $100 Race: Privilege, Class, Social Inequalities Explained - Racism, Immigrants, & Broken Homes

Have you heard of the $100 Race?

The $100 race is a short four minute video that sums up race, privilege, class, and social inequalities. It explains why some never make it to the finish line - and why others do. It shows us why some continue to finish first, going to the best schools, while others never make it to college, or fail to complete high school. And there is an immigrant story here too. One that helps connect the millions who move each year in search for a better life.

My Parents Story

My parents arrived in Canada in 1968 with no family or friends or community to offer support. They arrived without university education or business connections. In fact, they arrived with just a few dollars to their name. Unable to speak the language, they took the first jobs they could find, making one dollar per hour sewing purses and nylons in the ghettos of Montreal. The cards were stacked against us from the start. My parents, our family, we started near the back of the line.

“Your Mom cried each night when we first came. She wished we never came. Most days my feet froze on the way to work. I didn’t have the right shoes. We couldn’t afford anything. But we worked, and eventually your sister was born, and you came nine years later.”

Dad was far from perfect, emotionally distant from us. It seemed he was always away, working. I resented him for this, for many years until I realized he was unable to overcome some of his own childhood traumas. Over time I learned to appreciate Dad did the best he could. Because despite how bad it got, he never walked away, or left us behind. Dad stuck around, and I learned valuable lessons from him too.

Eventually, we made it, our family that is. My sister and I went on to finish university and do much more. We have stable families, many great friends, and lives fulfilling lives. We were lucky. We were fortunate.

I understand now that many others have so much more stacked against them.

The Moral Of This Story

If you have faced racism, or hate, or come from a broken home, or are a survivor of your own trauma, there's a single important message for you to remember: what you do next in this world, is what matters the most.

If You Are At the Front

Stay humble. Stay grateful. Know that this had nothing to do with you. Don't squander your opportunities. Don't neglect your duties, responsibilities, and gifts to yourself, your family and to those who might need your help today.

If You Are At The Back of the Line

You can do this. Life wasn't meant to be easy. In fact, it was meant to be hard. In my opinion, I believe that when we set out to accomplish our goals, no matter what happens, how things finish, we will grow along the way. And in this moving forward, we'll prove to ourselves that we won't let fear guide our way.

Closing thoughts

If you are reading this now and just starting college or university, or you are looking for your first big career or job move, or you are transitioning into something new later in life as many late bloomers will do, no matter where you are in your journey, remember to not be so hard on yourself, and enjoy the ride.

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