• Goran Yerkovich

Sheep Herding, Talking to Cows, and 6pm Red Wines: The Secrets to a Long Life Revealed

Updated: May 3, 2020

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A team of Italian psychologists led by Professor Fausto Massimini once interviewed the inhabitants of a small Alpine village in the high mountain valleys of Europe to unravel the secrets to living a long and healthy, happy life.

Spared by the trappings of the Industrial Revolution, Blue Zone communities relish the simple things of everyday life, including daily productive chores which to them were indistinguishable from work and free time.

This article covers todays divide between work and free time, told through the simple story of an old sheep herder in the Italian Alps.

But before we dive in, let's take a quick look at what Blue Zones comprise of and the trap they seem to avoid, one the rest of us seem stuck in, even now, during our global pandemic.

BLUE ZONES, And the Money Trap

The Secret Sauce, or Power of 9 identified in Blue Zones include:

1. Moving Naturally

2. Purpose

3. Down Shift

4. 80% Rule

5. Plant Slants

6. Wine at 6

7. Right Tribe

8. Loved Ones First

9. Belong

Most of the list above seems self explanatory, some ideas may not.

We won't get into the full concept behind Blue Zones today, because our focus here is on the idea of work, what work has become, and what we've forgotten along the way.

Work today, for most of us, is a chore. A thing we must do, at the direction of someone else, regardless of if we find any enjoyment from it.

Work, the very word, is most often a difficult task you are compensated for with money. Sometimes a little. And sometimes a lot.

Money then becomes the thing we can enjoy, if we have enough left over, taking care of essentials like food, and shelter, and family.

But what if we'd forgotten to include something else in our days, that didn't require money?

What if we could find a way to do something we loved each day, which you or I could no longer distinguish between work and play?

And what is now, in the middle of a global pandemic, was actually the perfect time to make this happen?