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Be Brave Enough to Suck at Something New

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

A few weeks back I came across these words, which represented a massive transformation I'd personally taken in my life, just over two years ago: "Be Brave Enough to Suck at Something New."

For me, that personal transformation was all about finally putting pen to paper, or hands to keyboard, and working towards my dream of becoming a full-time writer, author and online entrepreneur.

And while that dream is still in progress, I wonder now what my life would have been, if I neglected those feelings, and failed to take the plunge into a field that brings me so much joy, fulfillment, and inspiration.

I also wonder how many of you reading this article today have something you've always wanted to do, a personal dream sitting there, in the back of your mind now, still waiting to be realized?

How long has that dream been there? And what steps are you currently taking to make that dream your next reality?

As the long month of January comes to a close, with new years resolutions fading fast, two incredibly powerful statements come to mind, with one brilliant idea (or two) to help them come true:

1. We only get out of life what we put in.

2. We live the life that we choose.

These two ideas will influence what you do next in your days and weeks ahead. These two ideas will bring you joy OR continued frustration if that's the place you currently occupy.

The answer of course, starts by evaluating your life first, and then developing new habits driven by emotion and routine which can fit into anyone's day, to allow your very own personal transformation to take hold.

BJ Fogg, research psychologist and founder of Behavior Design Lab at Stanford offers an approach based on 10 years of research that has allowed him to develop "Tiny Habits." You can checkout his podcast interview on Intelligence Squared here:

Until next time, stay inspired...

Goran Yerkovich

About the author - Goran Yerkovich is a Writer and Founder of When he’s not writing he’s thinking about the next story he should be writing. He lives in the greater Vancouver area with his wife and two cats Kimchi and Kauai.



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I heard something recently that I know rings true: The reason most people don't reach their goals in life is because they don't have a clear idea of what their goals are. And then for those who do have a clear vision, they don't stick with the daily process of working on reaching those goals until the job is done.  


What we do each day matters.  From new or seasoned professionals in the business world, retirees in their 50's to golden years, and for stay at home moms or dads, this website is designed for you.  Moving forward in your journey means living a better life.  It means improving your career, reducing  stress or anxiety. It means finding fulfillment in each day, and purpose in life, at any age.  


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