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Back to the Future, Michael J Fox, and How Not To Completely Miss The Point

Back to the Future, with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd. © 1985 Universal

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Do you find most of your conversations end up somewhere in the past?

Or do you constantly think about the future?

Or are you celebrating your successes so much today that you might be throwing it all away?

In a recent interview with Today pop-culture legend Michael J Fox, now at 57, revealed he'd completely missed the point when he ascended to superstardom following the success of Back To The Future as a young twenty-something.

Back then, Michael J Fox wanted to be a rock star. And when all the success hit, he felt his dream was coming true.

So he did as he thought any rock star would do: Michael J Fox partied, and drank, and partied some more. He relished his success so much, he realizes now that it impacted his career.

Michael J Fox realizes now, in his own words, that he was an idiot back then.

He forgot what it was that brought him such success.

It was his talent.

And his talent he created through hard work.

This is the lesson for us all.

If you've reached new heights in your career, if you've accomplished some incredible goal, remember what it was that brought you here.

Your talent wasn't a lottery ticket. Your wins were not through fluke.

Remember that hard work, dedication, and staying humble are important in moving you forward in your journey.

After all, the goal you reached today is just a marker, a placeholder, in your greater journey.

You still have so much more to do.

-Goran Yerkovich

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