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10 Signs it's Time to Evaluate your Life: Living Through COVID-19

Updated: May 3, 2020

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As each of us do our part for the days ahead, there remains a great opportunity and a realization that is not being widely discussed:

Self isolation does not have to mean self distancing.

While applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams will help us reconnect to others, the question remains - what tools are you using to reconnect with you?

Now, more than ever is the time to take inventory. Personal inventory. Because what we do with our time matters. How we live matters.

Do we choose to live in fear? Or do we choose to find a way to thrive?

Self isolation, and living through the Coronavirus pandemic will mean a great awakening of the mind, if we're willing to take the journey.

Below are 10 signs it might be time to evaluate your life. These ideas are here to help ask you the right questions on issues that might exist just below the surface, subconsciously holding you down, or holding you back.

10 Signs it's Time to Evaluate Your Life: Living Through COVID-19

1. You Notice You've Been Drinking a Lot More lately. A lot more than usual. A few social drinks is okay. But if you are drinking more than 2 glasses of anything each night it might be too much.

2. Your body hurts. Not in a good way, after a great workout. Do you seem to get sick often? How much exercise have you been getting these days? How is your diet?

3. You feel anxious all the time. Yes it's normal to feel some anxiety over COVID-19, but did the anxiety also exist before all this started? Has your anxiety now grown exponentially worse?

4. You haven't been sleeping well. Or you need sleeping pills to sleep. You don't feel refreshed in the mornings. You don't feel excited in the mornings - ever - before you rise.

5. You're unable to put any savings away at the end of the month. You don't have 3 months salary saved for a rainy day. You have no idea how much you spent this past month until your credit card bills arrived.

6. You seem to be losing more friends rather than making new ones? Or you don't have an abundance of love in your life. Or at least enough that leaves you feeling loved.

7. You feel alone in a big crowded city. Or you feel alone in the town you live. It's normal to feel lonely now and again, but do you feel alone all the time?

8. You have time but don't know what to do with it. Many of us have very busy lives. But when things settle down, as they eventually do, you don't know what to do with your time.

9. You hate your job. Or your job prevents you from being you. Our jobs take up 50 - 75% of our days. What we do with our time matters.

10. You don't feel connected to the place you live. Your town, city or community. Or your actual home. You feel like a stranger to the place that should be home.

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The problem is, most of us have a general idea on how to improve our lives, but surprisingly, we rarely take full inventory of the wide ranging habits, beliefs, and needs that make us who we are. These elements can often seem separate from one another, but if left unchecked, and out of balance, they can spill over, causing harm to other areas in our lives.

What elements prevent us from doing what we truly love? What areas, if we changed, could give us simple pleasures, peace, fulfillment, and financial security in our days ahead?

All of us what answers. But sometimes in life the most important first step is asking the right questions first.

Thanks for reading. Until next time. Stay healthy. Stay Strong. And Thrive.

- Goran Yerkovich


Other Ways We Can Take Action

Looking for more personal direction? Or a way to improve? I truly believe there is a silver lining in all of this if we're willing to dig a bit deeper.

Each of us now have a choice in what we do next.

Each of us has the power to get through this stronger than we've ever been before.'s articles and free references are here to help you create new goals, understand your constraints, and move you forward towards action, in whatever mission it is you choose.

See the links below to help you in your journey. And stay tuned for plenty of more articles on these topics and much more.

- Goran Yerkovich


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Get your Free eBook The Inspired Guide to Self-Evaluation when you"Subscribe" and join the thousands who read for FREE each week. Featured on Quora, Facebook, Medium and LinkedIn.

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