• Goran Yerkovich

Han Solo, Accountability Partners, and the Most Underestimated Tactic to Reach Your Goals

Updated: May 10, 2020

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In today's article we'll look at one of the absolute best, yet incredibly underestimated tried and tested tactics you'll need to reach your goals.

This tactic will not only push you forward, it will literally rewire your brain and change how you live. It will also answer one of the biggest questions in life each of us face.

But before we go there, we start in a galaxy far far away...

And more specifically, Han Solo (below, far right).

You see Han Solo gets a lot of credit. Sure he helped rescue Princess Leia, take down Jabba the Hutt, and even destroy the Death Star (multiple times), but the thing is, none of this would have been possible without, wait for it... an Accountability Partner.

You thought I was going to say 'The Force' right?

Or Luke Skywalker?

Or maybe Princess Leia.

Or how can I forget Chewbacca? He never got thanked enough. But his hair was always well combed.

But no. It's actually none of them.

Well, not exactly.

The real reason Han Solo kept kicking-ass and presenting his best self in the face of intergalactic terror was because the names above kept pushing him forward.

Time and time again, when they needed Han Solo the most, they reminded him of who he was, and what he was really capable of.

They got inside of his head.

As much as Han Solo hates to admit it, Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca were not just his friends, or colleagues in arms, they were much more - they were his accountability partners.

Which makes Hans statement below both inaccurate and false...sort of.

The above GIF is telling. Han comes across as not needing anyone. He's a strong alpha male. He's the best pilot in the galaxy.

And yet, there he is, dragging himself forward, shouting in Leia's ear, needing to be heard, because Han Solo knows he could be doing so much more.

Han Solo knows the truth.

Which brings us to what an Accountability Partner is exactly, and how you can get started.

Seven Tactics Thanks to Accountability Partners

1. Accountability Partners - Goal Journal Documentation: Goal documentation forces you to start writing down your specific goals. I recommend a goal journal so you can see those goal each day, on your desk, or nightstand, as a reminder. Text or email won't be enough.

2. Accountability Partners - Goal Scheduling: Goal scheduling forces you to start scheduling your goals into your weekly plans. Using agile methodology, assign goals which are small in size, that may take a few hours or 1-2 days to complete.

3. Accountability Partners - Goal Communication: Goal communication forces you to send your goals to your accountability partner(s) each week, which shows your focus, and commitment to your goals in the week ahead.

4. Accountability Partners - Focused Energy: Focused energy cuts out time wasting because you know what you have to get done. And if you've not accomplished your goals for the week, it forces you to NOT watch that next episode of Netflix' "Tiger King" because your time is more important than that.

5. Accountability Partners - Forms New Habits: The new habit you're forming is you working towards your goals each week. This means as more weeks pass by and you continue on this program, they just become a part of you and your routine.

6. Accountability Partners - Question without Violence: Account ability partners have their own goals which may have nothing to do with yours, but they still want to know why you didn't reach all 5 out of 5 goals for your week? What was your reason, what was your excuse? Good accountability partners will listen and not judge, but they will point out patterns if they seem them, on possible ways to get your goal count higher if you're constantly missing your targets.

7. Accountability Partners - Allow You to Exceed in Reaching Your Goals: If you set out with a list of 5 goals for this week and only achieved 2 or 3, then that is still good news. It's not GREAT news, but it's still good. You see 2 or 3 is better than 0. And if you only did a fraction of what you expected, then it will push you harder for the next week. Because you'll remember that in the end the only person you're letting down in all of this, is you, and possibly those around you, if they've been worked into your goals.

Ok the above might feel a bit abstract, so here's my personal example of this in action.

My Personal Example: Accountability Partners in Action

Three weeks ago I restarted the accountability partnership program with friends. A trial run if you will.

I knew this program worked but I'd honestly forgotten just how effective it was for me and everyone who participated.

To give credit where it is due, I was reminded of this concept at a Get Inspired Talks event I went to months ago with Roger Killen, who also personally reminded me over coffee's how important this tactic is in goal setting and taking action in those goals.

Right now I have 4 different groups of accountability partners running. I send my list to all four groups separately. My interactions with each group is different because all groups I help facilitate are in different places in their journeys.

One group sends their specific lists and we have a check-in mid week, rolling through the details and our progress.