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Fatherly, MSN, Yahoo & Flipboard: Why Following Your Dreams Matter, Now More Than Ever

Updated: Jul 25

Hello family, friends and all our new visitors and subscribers. Welcome back to The-Inspired!

We have some exciting news to share: This past week I landed my first big digital magazine publication and online syndication.

In fact you might be reading this now because you already saw the story on Fatherly.com, or on msn.com or on yahoo.com or on Flipboard.com.

But if you are already a subscriber and have no idea what I'm talking about, or visiting from other articles I've written on Quora, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or medium, then see below.

Many months ago, I contacted Fatherly.com asking their editors if they'd be interested in an article I had written on father / son relationships covering personal growth, love, finding your focus and more. It was a personal story about my dad and I. It is a true story on how hard it is sometimes to say I love you, to those you love the most.

Here's the article:


Who is Fatherly.com?

Fatherly.com is a digital magazine out of NYC with a focus on parenthood and specifically fatherhood. Fatherly was named one of Oprah's "favorite things" of 2016 and was noted by Adweek, Digiday and CNBC for its success with video targeting on Facebook.[14][15][16] In June 2016, nearly 3 million unique visitors went to the site.[17] By 2017, Fatherly reached 75 million people on Facebook each week.[6]


The other great news: Fatherly has also syndicated my story to MSN.com, Yahoo.com, Flipboard.com, to maximize the readership exposure, links above.

This is all new for me. And it feels great.

But there is a moral to this story that is much more important than this publication.

This story is really about setting your personal goals and working towards them. It is a story that reminds us this:

Wherever you are in your journey, enjoy the process, stay true to what you believe, work hard, find time and space to do what you love, and love what you do, at least, in some part of your day.

Be the authentic you.

And no matter what happens, keep moving forward.

In the end results are nice, they feel great, but what will always give you joy, what will fill your cup each and every day, is knowing that you were able to take ownership of your dreams by setting goals and working towards them every single day.

Goran Yerkovich


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