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10 Ways To Stop Giving Away Your Power

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

1. Budgets: You don't have any money, because you don't realize that budgets equal short and long term freedom, so you're a slave to your job.

2. Bad Bosses: You allow your boss to give you work (and you do that work) at all hours of the day. Until you realize you are worth more than that.

3. Permission for Everything: You "ask" your manager instead of "telling" them. If whatever you need is for a good reason, you don't need permission. i.e. an ergonomic desk, stress leave, sick pay, better working conditions, the ability to work or stay working from home because there's a global pandemic!

4. Garbage in, Garbage Out: You don't schedule what content (radio, podcast, tv, youtube) you plan to listen to during the day, so instead you get news that doesn't really help you, but rather adds more noise and stress in your day.

5. Self-Respect: You let someone talk down to you and do nothing about it. Tell that person how they made you feel in a constructive way, calmly. Respect yourself and others will respect you for it.

6. Internal Dialogue: You allow yourself to believe to your own Negative Internal Dialogue. This needs to stop today.

7. Energy Vampire Friends: You allow toxic self-absorbed friends to drain your power. I like to think of these people as energy vampires. They love to talk about themselves, and at the end of your visit you feel completely drained, and worse off from the exchange.

8. Personal Worth: You let someone else tell you what you are worth, by believing what they say. Know that you are capable of many incredible things. But it all starts with working towards your dreams, creating a plan, and goal setting to get you there.

9. Daily Fulfillment: You never practice Daily Optimized Flow, meaning you spend no time doing what you love, not even for 15 - 30 minutes a day. As busy as we all are, there must be a way to find that time and learn how to add fulfillment and more happiness to your day

10. Make Time for Your Passions: You don't know what your Passions in Life Are. Or you have an idea, but you don't give them more of your time. Find a way. If you're a busy parent, husband or wife, you'll be a happier human being and all around person for it.

BONUS: You Put Your Work First. Before your family, before you health, before your own personal needs. Why we do this can be complicated, but there's an easy way to evaluate via your Inspired Foundations.

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Until next time, stay inspired.

Goran Yerkovich


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