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Not Sure How To Find Your Passion in Life? Start With The Problem & Your Foundations First

Are you unsure of how to find your passion in life?

I recently wrote this article called 'What If I Can't Find My Passions in Life?" which has been gaining a lot of views and interest. But there's another way to look at this question, if we think of it as a problem.

If you're not sure what road to take next in your life, ask yourself this question to start.

1. What is the Problem I'm Trying to Solve? And Why?

If you think of any successful business, they offer a product or service to a customer that does one thing - it solves a problem. It solves something that's missing or needed. So do what a great businesses does and understand the problem you're trying to solve first.

I've worked on $100 million worth of projects in the corporate world, and the best companies and teams I've worked with understood everything starts by understanding the business problem first. The tricky part here is, sometimes we want to jump right into a solution, without understanding the problem. This happens a lot in business too.

The surprising thing is, what we think the problem is, might not actually be the problem.

For instance:

We may think we need more money, or a better career, but we actually need to learn is how to budget what we make, and stop spending it all.


We may think we want more prestige or status, but what we actually want is more Flow, aka personal satisfaction and fulfillment in what we do daily, in our life


We may think we want more time off, more big holidays, but what we really need is better balance in our life, in how we live each day.

The Inspired Hierarchy of Needs

Below is's Hierarchy of Needs, a modern look of life today using Maslow's Hierarchy, something we'll go into detail in our courses coming soon. But at a high level here, you can see that life is made up of a number of needs, across these four big quadrants.

So, starting at the bottom of the pyramid, if, when you look at the problem, and things feel out of balance...

A good place to start is by looking at your Inspired Foundations first:

a. Are you getting what you need in terms of your relationships, with your friends and family?

b. How is your mental health these days during the pandemic? Are you doing things to keep your balance?

c. How is your physical health? Have you heard of breathwork? Are you getting enough walks in? Are you getting enough sleep?

d. Do you have the right diet? Are you eating well? Are you snacking daily? How much do you drink?

e. Do you have concerns about your bills? How much are you saving each month?

These questions and areas make up the psychology of basic human needs, that I call your Inspired Foundations. This is a great section to checkout if you think you might be out of balance.

In Conclusion: Wanting to develop and understand your passions in life is important, but we all need to start with the right foundations first. Once there, we can then start moving up the ladder, developing our Inspired Flow and Personal Growth as we work towards our Self Actualization, which really is the Authentic You.

For your free 40 page guide on the inspired guide to self-evaluation be sure to subscribe and stay tune for courses and more coming soon.

Until next time.

Stay Inspired.

Goran Yerkovich



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