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What Are The Benefits of Sober October? Update: 10 Days In And Holy Cow!

Hi everyone, as promised a quick Sober October Challenge update for you, so let's jump right in!

10 Days ago my wife and I started the Sober October challenge. I didn't want to this year. But I did!

And holy cow, have there been a bunch of benefits! Top 5:

1. Better Shape - I've dropped over 1 inch from my waste-line already. Including 4 lbs lost. See below!

2. Better Sleep - I'm sleeping a solid 7-8 hrs straight. No old man middle of the night pee breaks anymore!

3. More Cardio Exercise - Because I decided not to drink, I realized my cardio needed improvement too.

4. More Daily Stretching - Because I decided I needed cardio, stretching needed to happen also.

5. Better Diet, 10x's Better! - Because I decided all of the above, I realized my diet needed to change.

Conclusion: In short, I look better, feel better, and my productivity is on the rise, but we're only 10 days in, and it's time to keep going!!!

What do I attribute all the changes I've made above to?

Well, I see the decision to do sober October as a keystone decision because it triggered so many other elements I knew I was neglecting - like daily cardio, daily stretching, and eating healthier foods.

So, with these new habits, do my days actually look like now?

a. Early morning stretching - 20 mins (6am)

b. Early morning spin - 30 - 50 mins (630am)

c. Mid-day Weight Lifting - 30 mins

d. No more intermittent fasting.

e. 3-5 small meals per day with a balance of Protein (40%), Carbs (30%), and Fats (30%)

ps. Thanks to a good friend for the advice and mentoring on this!

f. No snacking. But in full disclosure I did have one big and regrettable popcorn night!

And one more all important thing....

No...not power lifting!

Calorie Counting!

I'm also trying something this month I've never done before in my life = Calorie counting, as in understanding how many calories and what type of calories I'm putting in my system.

And let me tell you, what I thought I ate, and how healthy I thought it was, definitely was not the case.

I knew I was putting too much sugar in my diet, but I didn't realize just how much fat I was eating.

How am I counting the calories? My friend recommended an app called Lose It. There's a free version you can just download from the app store. No need to pay anything for android or apple users.

So how's your journey going?! It's never too late to start, we still have 20 days left!

Until next time,

Stay Inspired.

Goran Yerkovich



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