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10 Reasons to Join Me for the 2020 Sober October Challenge!

Are you ready to join me for the 2020 Sober October challenge?!!

This means no alcoholic drinks for 1 month! Starting today, October 1st!

Are you excited? I know I am! Come on friends, let's do this!!!

So, how do you register for this free 2020 Sober October challenge, connect with others, and share your story along the way?

Step 1: Just click the "Log in / Sign up" button on the top right of our articles, to create your account. Or scroll to the very bottom of the article to sign up.

Step 2: Log in and look for the comment section at the verrrry bottom of THIS Sober October Challenge.

Step 3: Post your comment below! Tell us your first name, where you're from, City, Country, and tell us why you're joining the 2020 Sober October Challenge, and how you're feeling right now!

Step 4: I'll post an article each week with my status, anything new I'm feeling, and then you can provide your status update as well, including any new insights!

Our journey begins today and ends at midnight, your time, Oct 31st.

BONUS - Can you say youtube videos?! I'll post a few and it would be amazing to see you post your progress also!

Still not convinced Sober October is for you?! Here are 10 reasons to sign up for free today!

  1. You'll be a sexy beast after 31 days of not drinking! Less drinking, means less sugar & less body-fat.

  2. You'll have higher energy each day! No cloudy head, and no hangovers!

  3. You'll sleep better, I promise.

  4. You'll feel better, morning, day, and night.

  5. You'll still see your friends just as much, if not more!

  6. You'll exercise more because you'll have the extra energy to do it!

  7. You'll eat better, because you won't be late night snacking!

  8. You'll connect with others in your journey. This is a great way to make new friends!

  9. You'll feel a greater sense of gratitude for all the awesome things in your life!

  10. You'll have a clearer head, giving you more focus, and 10x's better productivity!

There are probably 10 more reasons I can give you to join the Sober October challenge but I think you get the point.

And with all this crazy COVID-19 business going on, having a stronger, healthier immune system, and mindset going into the flu season makes more sense than ever.

In full disclosure, a close friend messaged me this morning asking "how we were getting started with Sober October" and I told him - I wasn't running it this year. WHAT! Yes... I said, I had a few important social events this year, and would be drinking for them... His silence told me everything I needed to know.

So I came to my senses and realized we probably all need this now, more than ever.

Remember, sober October isn't about having a drinking problem, it's about realizing we don't need alcohol to have a great time with friends. We don't need a drink as a reward after a hard days work. We don't need a drink after a long week. And we don't need a drink to sing karaoke, which I plan to be doing very soon...

There's also a lesson here in self-disciple. In doing what's hard sometimes even when no one is looking, showing us that if we can do this, we can do that 'other thing' we've been meaning to start working on next.

This is our third year and counting for Sober October and I can't wait for you to join me in this challenge!

Reminder: Sign up and let us know your first name, where you're from, and why you joined this super fun and reward challenge!

Chat with you all soon and until next time...stay amazing, and stay inspired!


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