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Whats Your Life Purpose

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Four simple words. What's Your Life's Purpose? And yet it's a question some of us never think to ask, and most of us never know how to answer. We go to school, learn things we need to know, and some we don't. Then there's college, university or trade schools.

We work hard to graduate, we push ourselves through sleepless nights, to either make the grade or realize school just isn't for us.

We meet new people, make new friends. We learn new things, like driving a car, or playing sports like hockey, golf, tennis, baseball and football.

We go camping, hiking, skiing, skating, swimming, sailing, diving, and travel the world. Some of us even get to go to the Moon -and maybe Mars one day.

We meet that special someone, for a night, or for much longer. Some of us get married and live long lives together. Others get married but it doesn't go exactly as planned, we grow apart, or discover we should have known better in the first place. We divorce.

We get jobs to pay for the lives we need to have, the homes, the cars, the stereo systems and every game console created by man. Or we buy an entire arcade if we can.

We find jobs, that have everything we think we need. We are happy. And then all of a sudden we are not? We get a promotion - one that promises so much, that brings so much happiness at first, and then quickly we realize it wasn't what we wanted.

So we change careers. Or we decide to open our own businesses. We can do this better ourselves.

We commute to jobs, near or far, or stay at home to take care of our kids. We buy groceries, pay the bills, get our teeth cleaned, go to the doctors, take a 1 week vacation to a place warm and sunny, and then go back to work to pay the bills.

We build up debts. Credit card debts. Mortgages and bank loans. What once seemed like so much money all of a sudden isn't so much. There's so much more we need now.

Some of us have kids and some of us don't. We raise our kids to be the best versions of us possible. Sometimes we push them too hard in directions that they were never intended to go. And sometimes we let our children roam free and discover how and who they want to be.

Then, the kids grow up, they move out, and start lives of their own. Finally, after our long journey we can rest. We can do all the things we wanted to do, but didn't have time before.

But wait, how much time has passed by? Are we happy with the path we chose? Or are we unfulfilled, and anxious with how this all ended up? How did we get here? What did we miss?

Or is this exactly where we wanted to be? Maybe it wasn't perfect, but for the most part we got to do what we wanted to in life?

How did you answer any of the questions above? Did the scenarios above come with life purpose? Or did they feel empty?

The answer to the puzzle - Whats your life's purpose - is simple.

It's a combination of answering the following questions:

What makes you excited to wake up in the morning?

What brings you fulfillment?

What brings you joy?

What makes you smile and laugh like you never laughed before?

What makes you feel like anything is possible?

What warms your heart? What fills it with joy?

What is something you've always wanted to accomplish but you've never had the time?

How you answer the above questions help you define your life's purpose.

What did you come up with?

Regardless of if your list was long or short, your life's purpose is most likely a combination of the answers you gave above. Purpose will change as we go through life. And our failing isn't in having a life purpose or not, its when we know what it is, but don't listen to it.

Live with Intent - Life should be filled with Life Purpose:

When we choose lives that don't represent the life we need to live to feel fulfilled, happy, and thrilled to be on this planet. Yes we all have bills to pay, BUT no matter how busy we are we all have the ability to carve out time to work on our life's purpose. Even if it's only 30 mins or 1 hour per day to start. Once we start making the time for it, if we haven't already, then we'll find our only regrets will have been not making more time for it before. What sacrifices are you willing to make to live your life's purpose?

Staying Practical but Working towards our Goals:

Sometimes we can't drop everything and start something new - but we can start planning for it, it IS possible to start living a life with more purpose. One where we are excited not to watch a movie at night or the latest TV series - but instead you're looking forward to building on, adding to your life's purpose.

If you're interested in learning more, checkout my Recommended Reads for some fantastic books that talk all about life purpose and and more.

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