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 "...your inspired guide to life, work, and happiness."

The Inspired is made up of real life stories with great life lessons. The greatest stories have the power to disarm and shape us.  Great stories remind us that life is what we make it, and that each of us, no matter our current situation, has the power to do something new. You have the power to start changing our life today!   

The Inspired also shares some of the best 21st Century ideas for a magazine worthy, curated experience, we hope you love.  And because I'm sure you like illustrations as much as I do, I created this neat little diagram below to help explain what The Inspired is all about.  Read it from the bottom up.  It's split into four important sections. What areas in your life are you hoping to improve?  What areas in your life, might be holding you back from living a truly inspired life? 


Which brings us to our new free eBook "The Inspired Guide to Self-Evaluation" - subscribe to get your copy today!  And if you're a fan of The Inspired, please share this site with your friends, and even with the people you don't like too.  Because everyone needs a little bit of The Inspired.  Ok, enough of this intro...scroll down to start reading our hilarious (but sometimes sad), informative and heartwarming stories now!