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 "...your inspired guide to life, work, and happiness."

Life is what you make it.  Are you ready for something new?  The Inspired is your Personal Development and Career Advice guide that will help move you from where you are now, to where you were intended to be.  


The Inspired is made up of Real Life Stories with Great life lessons. And there's an important reason for this. There is a power in story telling that is hard to deny.  The greatest of stories can disarm, shape, and change us.  Great stories can offer new insights into who we are and how we're all connected in this world. 


All the stories here are true, in all their hilarious, heart-warming, gut-wrenching and embarrassing glory.  The Inspired also includes the best 21 Century ideas out today, and Ancient Philosophies that will change how you think about the world. 


There are three major sections to The Inspired including Life FoundationsCareer Advice, and The Inspired Life.  Try our search bar, it's tiny but helpful too.   If a story hits home, if something inspires you, subscribe and share it with your friends, and even with the people you don't like too.  Because everyone in life needs a little bit of The Inspired.