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welcome to's
 5 for 5 challenge!
Give me 5 minutes of your time for 5 days and I'll show you 5 paradigm shifting strategies that will transform your work day & personal life. 
5 For 5 Challenge Introductionby Goran Yerkovich
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Challenge Benefits

1. Reduce Workplace & Remote-work Burnout. 

2. Re-energize & Become Fully Engaged in Life & Work. 

3. Evaluate & Transform Your Daily Routines.

4. Learn How to Finally Start Doing What You Love... Each Day!

5. Remove Negative Thoughts to Reduce Conflicts & Self-Doubt today!

You'll Get 5 Free Audio Lessons Over 5 Weeks! Plus Our Free Weekly Newsletter & Your Free Self-Evaluation Guide for Joining!

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Located in Vancouver Canada, with students & subscribers in over 100 countries & 150+ educational, professional, & career tested articles,, founded in 2017, brings you the very best science-backed career, life & professional advice and the first ever one-of-a-kind online self-guided Career & Life Masterclass! 

Hey I'm Goran

Hi I'm Goran Yerkovich, PMI, BA, IIBA, CSM. As a Corporate Consultant, with over 14 years experience, I've worked with some of the biggest companies across Canada, providing Consulting, Business Analysis & Project Management expertise in both Private & Public Sectors for billion dollar organizations, including major national banks, telecom leaders & even American e-commerce giants, totalling over 100 million dollars.

My mission is to help you reach your biggest career goals and personal ambitions by showing you what you'll need to succeed in this new post-pandemic world, and how unlocking your greatest strengths, will make you unstoppable. 

Contact Me

If you have an idea for a story, or if you'd like to share your journey, or you'd like to tell me about the articles you've loved, and how they have helped you in your journey, you can reach me at:  

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