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Why We Fight & Social Media AI's

Science has shown us that if you place different species of red and black ants together in a jar, they will go about their lives peacefully, ignoring the other group.

But if you shake the jar, the red ants will attack the black ants, and the black ants will attack the reds.

The ants, once disturbed, will assume the other is the enemy.

So the next time we fight, or become upset, or get really angry, ask yourself this question...

Who Shook The Jar?* And Why Did They Shake It?

The Answer to Who Shook the Jar?

May not be as sinister as some might think. The Netflix Documentary Social Dilemma highlights that AI's driven by algorithms track what you watch, and how long you watch it for. Those AI then send you more and more articles on what you believe, which over time can create a more polarizing view on politics, people, conspiracy theories, and even race.

The GOAL of these Social Media AI's is simple:

1. Keep you online for as long as possible, based on your viewing habits & likes.

2. Keep you clicking, commenting, and sharing to get your friends back online too.

3. Get you to buy whatever it is they are selling, through a slight, subtle manipulation.

Examples of Social Media or Internet AI's in Action:

a. For instance, have you ever noticed that the day AFTER your birthday you may see an advertisement for some product you love but don't need? This is AI in action, hoping that you make an impulse purchase.

b. Did you know, if you use Whatsapp, the '...' to show someone else typing, is designed to keep you on the app for longer?

c. Did you know, that some of the apps you've installed have permission to use your mic, meaning they can listen to your conversations? Meaning that information can be used to help develop your user profile and sell more products to you.


All these elements are designed to distract you from the things that really matter.

From the quality time with those we love most, to the personal goal setting you're working on, to even, unfortunately, polarizing views that make us feel shaken, angry, or worse.

Until next time, stay inspired. And keep moving forward with your goals.

Note: *Special thanks to Devesh Lalluwadia for providing on "What People Should Know" and the great red-black ant analogy we re-shared here.



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