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Race & Privilege: The New Profound Identity Shift Taking Hold

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

In the United States, unchecked consequences due to race and privilege continue to boil over. But while they do, a transformative identity shift is taking hold.

An identity shift like never before.

This is a shift with no 'side doors.' No special entry points for the rich.

It checks privilege at the door.

It is an identify shift from what was - to what is now becoming.

To Victims No More

It is, for those of colour, the marginalized, the landed immigrants, minorities combined,

A growing voice, saying THEY no longer accept what is.

Because victims stay silent.

But now, as the voices grow, as the accountable are held accountable, a new identity shift takes hold.

They are victims no more.

Responsibilities We Choose

The true hero's are the new voices of a thousand faces.

The ones willing to fight against not just what was, but what WILL need to be.

Those voices know policy, government, and social norms must change.

And so, to make that change, we see more individuals taking on...

The responsibility to improve their own lives,

Because they know it starts within.

The responsibility to improve their communities,

Because they know a healthier community builds healthier community members.

The responsibility to improve how we treat each other,

Because we are no longer willing to accept less.

Because this is the world we choose to live in...

By having a voice.

By taking action.

By being silent, no more.

Because we all share the same air.

All of us were born to breathe.

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

-Goran Yerkovich


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