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Interview with Carolyn Green PhD, Holotropic Facilitator - How the Power of Breath Can Heal You

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Carolyn Green, BSc(PT), PhD, has facilitated over a thousand non ordinary sessions using holotropic breathwork in workshops and individual sessions in BC and Alberta and co-founded

Carolyn’s research includes areas of pharmaceutical safety and policy. She is a non-practicing physical therapist with decades of experience and has worked in volunteer capacities in China, Africa, the Caribbean and Nepal training the first Nepalese physical rehabilitation workers.

For Carolyn the holotropic paradigm is powerful and valuable because it blends the best of the western scientific scholarly traditions with the practical wisdom of long standing world spiritual traditions to provide rapid access to the power within.

This episode also pays tribute to Remembrance Day traditions old and new, as we continue our way through this pandemic, and find ways to overcome what we have lost.

To learn more about holotropic breathwork visit:

The Secret of Breath

This is Carolyn Greens website. Visit to learn more and to book a private or group session with Carolyn

Canadian Holotropic Breathwork Network

Canadian facilitators certified by the US based Grof Transpersonal Training program to facilitate Holotropic Breathwork®.

Grof Transpersonal Training program

GTT is currently the only North American program training and certifying HB facilitators.

Grof Legacy Training International

Stan and Brigitte Grof launched their new International Grof® Legacy Training program in May of 2020 to authorize qualified teachers around the world to represent the Grof® work and legacy. The training is based on Stanislav Grof’s research into psychedelic therapy, holotropic breathwork, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual emergencies.

Grof Legacy Training Canada

GLT Canada is preparing to launch Grof® Legacy Training programs in 2022.

The Way of the Psychonaut

Most recently there is a documentary and a 2-volume encyclopedia titled The Way of the Psychonaut that outline Grof’s life’s explorations of consciousness. Any of the many other books authored by Stanislav Grof are worth exploring

Holotropic in Europe

Holotropic Breathwork Association of Europe – a Network of GTT certified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioners in Europe – is providing information and support for people interested in exploring the healing potentials of Holotropic Breathwork, as well a platform for exchange and learning for GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training) certified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioners.

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

For my original article and interview with Carolyn Green from a few years back



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