• Goran Yerkovich

What is Holotropic Breathwork? How the Power of Breath can Heal & Transform You

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Most of us give little thought to what makes us who we are. What mechanisms in our brain, acting together, create our moods, personalities or reality.

The truth is, in each moment, what we believe to be 'real' is an incredible and not fully understood subset of neurological programs running between a subconscious and conscious mind.

Those interactions may be flowing in a state of harmony.

Or they may exist in vibrations of chaos. Broken. Out of balance.

Stressors build over time.

Issues grow deep roots, dragging us down, becoming hidden from our conscious.

What troubles and confuses, causes us to choose hatred and fear. It stagnates growth, remaining misunderstood and unresolved.

Things can become infused and stuck.

We assume, incorrectly, that the conscious mind, our rational brain, plays the biggest role in who we are.

That we are in control of what we do and what we think, at any given moment.

But this couldn't be further from the truth.

We underestimate the subconscious and even conscious forces at play that help shape the decisions we make in each moment of every day.

We can thank the subconscious mind to protect us from danger. And we can thank our prefrontal cortex and our complex ego's that block harmful ideas from penetrating the inner workings of our minds. Our ego's tell us who we are and how we should present ourselves in any given moment.

But our ego, if left unchecked, can prevent good things from coming home.

Our ego has the power to prevent our growth.

The problem is, our subconscious mind and our ego, by definition, are hard to track down. They are mechanisms difficult to understand and impossible to control...

But what if these interconnected autonomous systems could be unraveled?

What would we find?

Well, it turns out much more than we could ever expect. With benefits abound.

A few months back, my good friend Scott sent me another email. This time asking if I'd be interested in joining him a Holotropic Breathwork session in Vancouver. It would be a guided session and he really wanted to try it.

My first reaction as was "Holo-what? ...What IS Holotropic Breathwork?"

Scott's very short email included a link to a podcast from Tim Ferris, who had interviewed a man by the name of Stan Grof, M.D.

It turned out Stan Grof, a clinical psychiatrist who facilitated over 4500 LSD sessions with patients until LSD became illegal, was a living legend in his own right.

With over 60 years experience in Holotropic states of consciousness, also called 'non-ordinary' states of consciousness, Stan Grof developed the use of breath, one's own breath, to reach similar states only previously thought possible via LSD.

This clearly was groundbreaking work.

It turned out Grof was one of the founders and ultimate experts in a field of research I did not even realize existed.

Here is the same podcast in youtube version.

This podcast blew me away. But I was sceptical.

How much of what Stan Grof was saying was actually true?

Could one really experience what Grof described during the Tim Ferris interview?

It seemed I had no choice but to sign up for my own Holotropic Breathwork session.

All I can say is...what an incredible day.

It became clear to me that Holotropic Breathwork can help each of combat and overcome the stresses and struggles of life.

Holotropic Breathwork is a mind altering and awe-inspiring experience that will literally change your very understanding of reality and of something much bigger connecting us all.