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Why Do We Worry? How To Remove Worry and Embrace Love: A Video with Alan Watts

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Why do we worry? How can we learn to control our minds not to worry? What is the mind when it is in the grip of a vicious circle? This as we all know is the phenomenon of worry. It is the paradox of worrying. Since worrying takes away your appetite and your ability to sleep, worrying is not good for you.

And since we are worrying, we begin worrying about worrying.

Then because you worry, that you worry and now your upset that you worry, you have now placed yourself inside of a vicious circle.

That is the paradox of worry.

Those are the words of one Alan Watts, a British philosopher who interpreted and popularized Eastern philosophy for a Western audience until his death of 1973.

The Mind - Alan Watts

What makes you worry?

What made you worry today? What are you worried about right now?

But now a new question:

Can you allow your mind to be quiet?

Can you allow your mind to be without thought?

No, because you are addicted to thoughts.

Your mind is addicted to thoughts.

Does this sound strange? It shouldn't once you think about it. Our brains constantly crave inputs. Stimulus comes in, and if it has no place to go, if it doesn't know what to do, it quickly decides to worry about things it really shouldn't be worrying about.

Your mind, if not controlled, will find a way to worry.

SOLUTION: Take a deep breath. Breathe in slowly. Breathe out. And make peace in knowing that your mind is addicted to thoughts. Once you know this, the choice will be yours:

1. Do nothing, and allow your mind to worry about things. And to worry about worrying

2. Make a decision to control your thoughts and breakdown the worry into small, attainable goals. Replace the worry with Rewards.

3. Learn to clear your mind of thoughts. Learn to meditate, even in the most basic of ways.

There is of course, one final option...

To do nothing.

But to do nothing, understand that this too is a choice. A choice to continue to worry.

And if you choose that final path, there is one last thing to remember:

No matter how much you worry,

...there will always be more to worry about.

Thanks for reading and I hope this help someone out there.

Be sure to visit our forum and share your own ideas. What motivates you? What questions do you have about life?

If you can today, find a way to help someone in return.

Goran Yerkovich

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