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Motivational, Thought Provoking and Inspiring Videos by Alan Watts

Updated: Apr 4

How should we live our lives? Why is happiness not the purpose of life? What is love? These are the types of questions Alan Watts, one of the greatest thinkers of our time, wants you to ask yourself. So who is Alan Watts? Well if you've never heard his name, it's likely you've experienced some of his ideas already.

Alan Watts was a British philosopher, author, and one of the first to introduce what we now see as common place in western culture - Eastern philosophies of Buddhism and meditation. Alan Watt's ideas focus on our social and self identity and questioned what is real and what is make believe. He explored concepts of myths, ego, and world views that will change the way you see yourself and world around you.

If you haven't heard of Alan Watts or listened to any of his ideas, you are in for a treat. Here are a few more of my favourites all in short format.

All are under 5 minutes in length.

1. Alan Watts - Life is NOT a journey.

Life is something much more beautiful than just a journey. Life is a dance. Life is music. Life is much more:

2. Alan Watts - Happiness is NOT the meaning of Life

Life is not about happiness. Life is not about feeling victim to the circumstances you find yourself in. Life is about the choices we make. The power is inside each of us:

3. Alan Watts - What is Love?

Love is a funny thing. Love is a leap of faith into the unknown. Love is taking a chance on something with no certainty in the end result. Love is losing control.

Love, simply put, is life. And life is love:

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