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Will Remote Office Work Extend Past the Pandemic?

Has remote work changed how you live? Has it redefined or put into focus areas of your life you may have neglected before?

As a major advocate for IT project management and business analysis remote work for over 12+ years, it's great to see this discussion continuing with a more "hey this isn't a short term thing" lens.

COVID-19 has pushed an important business culture discussion to the forefront, questioning how we setup our project teams, and business/IT teams today.

3 Major Remote Work Realizations:

1. Meeting time wastage: 'finding a meeting room' vs the seconds it takes to jump between zoom or phone bridges.

2. Morning Productivity wastage: time lost to our commutes, and the added time for healthier morning habits like going for a walk or run, stretching, hitting the gym, or even...spending more time with your kids!

3. Building Business Relationships: We can no longer wait for a chance hallway encounter, we must take a proactive approach and actually contact, message, or call the people most worthy of our time and space.

My recommendation, if you are feeling isolated, and haven't already tried this, prebook 15 min online coffee chats with your best office friends you miss the most.