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Why They Left: Harry and Meghan Decided it Was Time They Prioritized Living an Authentic Life

Last night you may have watched the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan just as my wife and I did.

This, for the record, was my wife's idea!

But as I sat along for the ride, I was pleasantly surprised by the candour and self-awareness Harry and Meghan presented, both in their situation, past and present, and how they managed to pull themselves out of what was a truly rotten situation.

From a place of darkness they found power, inspiration, and light.

They realized the importance of living an Authentic Life!

Yes - maybe the interview was all marketing and branding.

But even if it was, there were some great take-aways we can all learn from...

Here are my Top 5 take-aways from Harry and Meghan's Oprah March 7th 2021 Interview :

1. No matter how rich you are, if you are making $5k, or $50k per month, if you are NOT living your authentic life, one aligned with purpose and meaning, you are not living a truly authentic or fulfilling life.

2. If you allow someone or something, or a firm, your company, to push you around, to treat you with disrespect, with racism, and who attempt to silence your voice - if you stay, if you accept it - you are allowing yourself to live as a victim. You are giving away your power. This will be a dead end street. Take your power back. Because it belongs to you.

3. That security matters, that money matters, but what matters even more, what gives us joy, peace, harmony and fulfillment is when we do the little things we enjoy each day. When we live our Authentic Lives.

4. That we can't judge a book by it's cover. The rich, the famous, the 'business successful' may appear to have it all, but the truth will eventually come out in one form or another. Nothing lasting can take place if we are not living our Authentic Lives.

5. No matter how trapped you might feel right now, we all have options. YOU have options. We all have the power to do something about our situation today, no matter how bad it might be. No matter how hopeless or complicated it might seem. Take action today if you are in a place not right for you. Tell someone what you are going through if you haven't yet. Ask someone you can trust for advice. Small steps can eventually move mountains.

In Conclusion

After watching the interview last night with Harry and Meghan, it feels all the more fitting for the timing of my new and highly anticipated Masterclass coming soon.

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Thanks again. Until next time stay safe, and stay inspired.

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