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Who Wins the 2020 US Presidential Election? This Professor Picked the Winner for the Past 4 Decades

As published in the New York Times, American Professor Allan Lichtman was one of the few forecasters who predicted Mr. Trump’s victory in 2016, and more impressive, he's predicted the winners of the US election for the past 4 decades!

How does he keep picking the winners?

With the help of a colleague, Professor Lichtman setup a unique set of attributes ranked on a true or false scale. If an attribute is 'true' it goes in favour of the existing president winning the election. In other words, if enough of the attributes listed are true, Trump wins the 2020 US Presidential Election.

So, based on this criteria, who does Professor Lichtman predict to win the 2020 US Presidential Election between Biden and Trump?

Watch the New York Times video to find out....

NOTE: There's a spoiler alert below related to THE-INSPIRED...A small, new, but important surprise for our readers.

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO: He Predicted a Trump Win in 2016. What's His Forecast For 2020? | NYT Opinion:

Scroll down for the video and election spoiler alert... drum roll please...

So... based on the video above with Professor Lichtman's prediction.... (wait...can I get some more drums?)

I decided it was time to do this.... become a Reggae Drum Beat musician!

Just kidding...although if you like a great Reggae drum beat, have a listen to this phenom!

HAPPY FRIDAY! It's Friday after all folks, so just a bit of fun here on the site today, and now on to the news....

THIS! NEW = Career Advice Page!!!

...If the soon to be former US President is wondering what to do next with his Career...

But In all seriousness, this career page was designed for you our readers.

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With over 50 Career Advice articles to choose from I hope you enjoy this new dedicated space on the-inspired. And stay tuned for Career Advice Courses to help you reach your career goals, coming soon!

Thanks for reading,

Until Next Time...stay inspired!

Goran Yerkovich


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