• Goran Yerkovich

When Things Get Mislabeled In Life

A strange thing happened to me a few weeks ago.

I bought a new pair of Nike Zoom running shoes.

The act of me buying a new pair of shoes is nothing alarming.

But you see, my shoe size is around 9.5 or 10. It's never more.

This I know with 100 % certainty.

So, while at the department store, shopping for shoes, searching the wall to wall shoe rack, there was no reason for me to check the "Mens Shoes Sized 10.5 Sized Section" because those shoes would never fit.

Except they did.

Or at least, ONE pair did.

And in this I learned a few valuable lessons.


First, in life, things can be mislabeled.

When this happens, things are put in the wrong place.

Maybe you have been mislabeled?

Told you have to do 'x, y, z' in life. To take on a career path that was never your true calling?

Maybe you're now stuck, doing what others expect of you.

Maybe you're now sitting on a shelf mislabeled.

Your talents unused.


Second, in life, if you can't find what you are looking for, then expand your search.

Look in places you might never have thought to look before.

Seek out new worlds and ways of living. Explore. Try new things.

I found a pair of 10.5 sized shoes that fit my 9.5 sized feet.

A pair of shoes that were perfect in every way, except for their label.

Define Your Own Path: Stop Caring What Others Think