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What is Self-Awareness? Saturday Mornings, and How to Find Your Hammer for Life

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

When I was a kid, I’d wake up to the sound of my dad working in his garage behind our house, every Saturday morning.

Without fail, regardless of the season, winter, fall, spring, or summer, my dad, on his day off, worked away, cutting, hammering, or drilling from his myriad of worn out tools that only he knew how to use.

My dad worked away, while the rest of us, my big sister, mom and I, slept our Saturday mornings away.

I’d ask mom why dad wasn’t still sleeping, or just relaxing with a bowl of cereal or toast and watching cartoons with the rest of us.

“It’s Saturday morning mom!!” I’d proclaim in protest, as the neighbourhood listened to the sounds of power tools, banging and occasional curse words coming from my dad’s garage.

But my mom, with her slight Easter European accent, would just calmly say,

“It’s okay Goran. Your dad is happy. You’ll understand someday.”

But I didn’t understand.

Years would go by…

  • I’d grow into a young man, finishing High School, discovering love and and experiencing my first long term relationship.

  • I’d attend and eventually graduate university, doing it the incredibly hard way.

  • I’d move overseas living in London, England working for years in the event’s industry, growing up and learning what it meant to survive on your own.

  • Eventually I’d find my new home in Vancouver, Canada. I’d struggle at first, but find a way to prosper here, marrying an incredible woman, my wife Sylvia.

In that time, I travelled to over 30 countries in the world, and occasionally I’d hear the sound of electric saws, or hammers or drills on a Saturday morning.

Those sounds continued to remind me of my father.

All those Saturdays he’d get up early, working away in his garage.

But the meaning of why he did it, continued to escape me.

Until now… finally I understood why…

Two years ago, almost to the day, in the Summer of 2017, I decided I had to take a break from the corporate world.

Something was missing in my life.

I’d pushed myself hard, working on over 100 Million worth of projects, putting all my energy, determination and hard work into my job.

Early days and late nights.

Pushing myself in ways I didn’t know possible.

I’d created much wealth, happiness, and success in my life.

On the surface everything should have been perfect.

We owned two properties, two vehicles, and my wife and I had high paying jobs. We had an incredible network of family and friends. People you can count on, no matter what.

I’d bought a sports car with cash.

I owned more toys and things than I needed.

And yet, there it was, still there, that feeling that something was missing.

What was I missing?

Tony, a good friend, asked me what was wrong, and so I explained as best I could, without really understanding myself.

Tony response was quick and honest…

  • “What do you love doing in this life?”

  • “What do you enjoy most?”

  • “What brings you joy, and passion?“

“…and whatever it is, for gods sake, start doing it! You’re not getting any younger man!”

I took Tony’s advice to heart…

It was something I was thinking of doing, but had no idea how.

So like most things, I jumped head first in, and hoped for the best!

In the late summery of 2017 I started doing what I love each and every day.

In 2017 I founded

I founded The Inspired because I love sharing stories, be it my own, or others.

  • Real life, inspiring stories.

  • Stories with hard lessons.

  • Stories about the joy’s of life.

  • Stories about the struggle.

  • Philosophies each of us can live by.

  • Habits to improve our lives.

  • Stories that help us live as our authentic selves intended.

I also founded The-Inspired because, in all honesty, I love to write.

Writing pushes my limits and brings a feeling of joy and peace that’s hard to explain.

I also take great pleasure in helping others through my writing, giving life advice, and sharing my lessons, and the lessons of others.

Today, I finally understand why my dad was working away all those Saturday mornings years ago….

My father did it, because he loved doing it.

It was a simple pleasure for him, to build and create things.

My dad was doing what he loved.

I get it now.

Now, I apply that lesson that took me so many years to understand…each and every day of my life.

Today, I write almost every single morning. I write at night.

On Saturday mornings I write.

All these years later, my dad, unknowingly, by just doing what he did, taught me a valuable lesson in life.

We must understand what it is we love, and make it part of our lives.

If you find yourself in the same place I was just a few years back,

I hope you ask yourself those same questions that Tony asked me not long ago. I hope whatever you’re

seeking, you find.I hope once you find it, you make it a part of your life.

For more stories like this, and philosophies of life, or career advice, visit us at

Thanks for reading,

Goran Yerkovich, Founder,

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