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Hi Oprah! Star Trek, And Liam Neeson on Particle Physicists - Welcome to The Inspired

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

The Inspired Blog

What is the Ultimate You? And more importantly, is this going to be funny or lame? But before we can get into that, I have to say something really important...Hello Oprah! I've imaged that someday if this all goes to plan, you'll be reading my blog. This is a very exciting moment for me, so thanks for reading! Ok I know you are really busy so lets get to it!

What's this blog series all about?

It's a blog about life, the ups and downs, the left turns when we should have turned right, and the dreams we have, but never seem to reach.

More importantly though, this blog is about the power of self belief, and about helping others, through story.

The ultimate goal of this blog is to reach inside it's readers and let them know that they ARE special, they are AMAZING and that they CAN reach their true potential. Sounds a bit much right? I know. But trust me on this.

Wait - we need to step back for one minute. I don't mean YOU Oprah. Well, yes of course you are special and amazing and all, but I'm pretty sure you've already arrived and don't need much advice. Not from us or anyone. Well...other than that one time you decided to drive non-stop across country with Gayle and you wanted the radio off all the time so you could think, but Gayle always wanted the radio on because I think she just really likes music, and you don't. Why do you hate music so much Oprah?

Anyway, so you and Gayle had to negotiate radio on/off terms while you drove, and where and when to sleep, and bathroom breaks, and the long hours of non-stop driving. And you thought the road trip would be nothing but a great time? Really? Other than that though, seriously, you are amazing and inspiring, but I hate to break it to you - I just don't think we could ever do a big road trip together. Well maybe from Vancouver to Seattle, but that's the best I can do.

Who's the audience for this blog?

People let's get serious again. Who "The Inspired Blog" is dedicated to is all those readers, including myself, that are still searching for the right ingredients to create a better, more ultimate version of themselves. I'm talking about those of us that do not have all the answers, or time to think about who they really are, and what actually makes them happy, fulfilled, and excited to wake up in the morning.

I mean, shouldn't our good health, the family and friends we have, and that solid job that pays the bills be enough? Or what about all those the new toys and tech that we keep on buying? I mean yesterday I asked my new Google Home to tell me the meaning of life. And it did! That's SUPER AMAZING right? And what about the endless amount of streaming TV, movie and music content we have at our fingertips? Never in the history of humankind have we ever had such an overabundance of entertainment at our fingertips so, I mean, clearly we should be SUPER happy now right?

You know where I'm going with this.

We all have so much but not many of us seem too excited about it all? Maybe those things are not all they are cracked up to be. Maybe there's more.

Whether you have kids or pets, work in retail or sales, are in construction or real estate, have a corporate job or are a house wife, there is something in here for you. You might be exploring some of these ideas already, or are just starting your journey.

In The Inspired Blog we look at the things that matter to us most, regardless of your age and profession including love, happiness, fulfillment and more.

What's "and more" in the last sentence mean exactly, you ask?

Wait a second you want that answer right away, right now? In my very first blog?

Ok fine... "42" is the answer.

If you have read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy then you know what I mean. If you haven't read Hitchhikers Guide the galaxy then don't worry, I haven't either! But I can assure you, you really missed out on that last joke. And please, please no hate mail for the super nerds that have read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 15 times and have the t-shirt. I will read it at some point I promise.

One final side note on your profession. If you are a particle physicist this article is NOT for you. So please stop reading this blog. Note and in full disclosure, I spelt particle physicist wrong the first time I wrote it above, and then again just now. Damn. So you 'PF's' are really not welcome. Seriously, why are you still reading particle!

Final Warning: If you are a particle physicist and you are still reading, I've watched all the Liam Nesson 'TAKEN' films and I'll know how to find you.

Liam Neeson in the Hollywood blockbuster 'Taken' where he rescues is daughter from kidnappers and saves science. Ok he doesn't save science...until the sequel.

So back to our first questions from the beginning of this blog...What is the Ultimate You? And more importantly, is this blog going to be lame or funny?

The Inspired Blog is all about unleashing a version of you that is already there, that already exists, under the layers of self doubt and other things that hold us back in our lives. You won't end up with super bionic powers and the ability to read minds by the end of the stories but you will come away with a better appreciation of a very important person in this world - YOU.

And you will have fun reading The Inspired Blog because well, I've done some dumb things in my life and I need to get them off my chest. So be prepared to laugh, and maybe ugly cry. I want to see some tears people. This is a lot of work, so at the very least fake cry once in a while as you read my blog. Please make it so Number One.

Super Nerds behold. Yes thats me in the captain's chair of my life. No wait - it's the actual bridge from The Star Ship Enterprise! The Next Generation. "Engage Thrusters!" I think the word 'thrusters' should be used more often in the english language. Daily in fact. So let's change that together.

Why is The Inspired Blog important?

Well, if you've haven't been paying attention, I can put it another way. Who wouldn't want to live a kick-ass life, one filled with laughter, love, new experiences, and fulfillment. I don't mean we're all going to become millionaires after reading this blog, or own super yachts, but we will explore and focus on some important principles that sometimes get lost in all those self help books.

Doctor Evil - Principles That Matter

We will also lock-up some bad guys that live inside us all. The super villains in us, that put self-doubt and negativity in our brains. These villains set unrealistic expectations on us, and they need to be stopped! Get those laser beams ready.

Austin Powers' Super Villain Doctor Evil and his evil hairless cat named Mr Bigglesworth

Note: If you are the owner of a hairless cat what were you thinking? Those things are disgusting. I mean look at it. But if you are Doctor Evil with a Hairless cat, then well played sir. Well played.

Wait, isn't my comment on hairless cats a little bit hypocritical because it's a negative thought and I should just know better? Well, no. And if you thought that then you probably are a Particle Physicist anyway and what are you doing still reading my blog?

Also, so we don't appear to be showing any favouritism, if you are a hairless cat reading this blog you are also banned from this site. So lets get the tally updated. So far no particle physicists and no hairless cats. Everyone else IS allowed. Oh if you pissed off Oprah for some reason you are also not allowed to read this blog. That should just about cover it.

Yes that me people, in Cambodia. And that's the rules of the site. I'm sorry no exceptions to the rules, I don't make these things up as I go along. It's the rules.

In Closing: Self Doubt - Meet your new Kryptonite

I've never been the smartest kid on the block, but I have learned one thing over the years, and it's that self-doubt is by far the greatest thief in reaching your true potential. I've seen it over and over again, people who put self-doubt in their heads, in subtle or very blatant ways. They hold themselves back, because, well maybe someone held them back as they were growing up. Like the employee at The Gap not long ago saying to me "I'm sorry, I'm just a cleaner" when I asked her where I could find some t-shirts in the Gap store. I mean, you are definitely much MORE than a cleaner. Why not take your best guess, instead of putting yourself down.

See what I just did there? At the top of the last paragraph? I included my own negative thought into the opening about self-doubt. That I'm not the "smartest kid on the block." Why write that in? It's really just an example of what happens all the time in our brains, these little Dr Evils saying mean things to us that start adding up after time. The point here is we won't always be able to stop those negative Dr Evil ideas from entering our brains, but we do have the ability to catch them and throw them back; Tell them they are idiots and move on forward. That is one form of defence. But there is one that is even better. Which brings us to our tip for this blog post.

The Inspired TIP: Parents, tell your kids how amazing they are every single day! EVERY...SINGLE...DAY.

Married people, or if you are dating, do the same - tell the person you love that they are amazing - every day!

Unless you just started dating, and you just met the person. Give it time people, otherwise that would be pretty weird. And nobody likes a weirdo.

Back to our story...

This photo pretty much sums up my childhood: A collection of embarrassing moments caught on film by my parents. Yes thats me. in the photo, above. And yes that's a donkey. More on the donkey later.

And yes I'm wearing overalls hiding an Amazing Spiderman shirt (still a fan!) with what appears to be socks inside brown leather sandals!

My hair cut? Glad you asked. Apparently this was my first attempt at cutting my own hair. Not my best work.

But despite it all, one thing was for certain - it was a good childhood.

I had a sister (and still do) that was nine years my senior, and I had parents that were immigrants from what was then Yugoslavia and is now Croatia. They were (and still are!) hard working, and never allowed themselves or their kids to indulge in anything too much. My parents loved me - a lot. I was the son they were not sure would ever be born. You see, during the 70's my dad liked to wear tight jeans and well, for many years after my sister's birth, they just couldn't have another child. But then one day, a little miracle - happened - I was born. Now thats not to say I'm really a miracle. I think in reality my dad had simply switched to wearing jogging pants into the late 70's.

Back to the good childhood part and really the point of this last story before we wrap up.

I can say now, without a shadow of a doubt, that the love my parents gave me, especially mom (hi mom!), was THE BIGGEST REASON I am who I am today - someone overflowing with confidence, someone with a big heart, and someone who gets no bigger pleasure in life, than inspiring others to reach their true potential.

For me it all started with a simple phrase I heard my mom tell me 10 million times over; "Goran I'm so proud of you! You can accomplish anything in this world if you just put your mind to it! You are amazing!"

Like I said, she would tell me this, almost every single day. What a beautiful thing to hear. But it wasn't something I really appreciated until much later in my life. When I saw people who were so incredibly talented but didn't know it. Who were so beautiful in so many ways but didn't know it. They missed that simple joy of being told they were amazing and special...and then over time, something happened, they started to believe it.

I didn't realize it at the time, but what my mom gave me was one of the greatest gifts a human being can give to another - that of self belief. In telling someone that you believe in them, in their potential, in their abilities, you help plant a seed and create one of the most powerful and empowering tools in this world.

So, the next time you see your kids, or the person you love most, remind them how much you love them and how amazing they are.

What you'll create in them will pave the way to inspired success as they grow and learn about themselves and the world around them. There will be ups and there will be downs, but that self belief will give them the confidence to think big, to believe in themselves, and to enter into this world with a power that grows from within.

Even if they are wearing socks in sandals, bellbottom overalls, have a really bad haircut, and are holding on to a donkey for a photo that your future self decides to share with the decades later.

Also before we go please note that this "The Inspired TIP: Parents, tell your kids how AMAZING they are EVERY... SINGLE ... DAY", also applies to married people, or if you are dating. Unless you just started dating, then don't tell the person they are amazing every day. I mean you don't really know who they are. If you did, it would be kind of weird. A nobody like a weirdo.


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And Oprah, call me! But not tonight I'll be watching Star Trek again. Thrusters full speed ahead!


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