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Say Goodbye to What You Thought You Knew About Goal Setting,The 2021 Masterclass is Almost Here!

Are you ready to throw away what you thought you knew about goal setting?

The fact is, what most of us know about goal setting comes from ideas that are 60 years old! These original ideas on the topic came from Edwin A. Locke who began his examination of goal setting in the mid-1960s. Locke uncovered some incredible ideas that may seem obvious to us now:

That a person who sets 'specific' and 'hard to reach goals' will perform better than those who set 'general' or 'easy' goals.

Also incredible, Locke saw that there was a connection between successful goal setting and purpose.

But this is where things go turns out an idea that Locke promoted ended up becoming our modern day view that has left most of us setting goals, but not connecting to our purpose.

It's time we put one or two feet forward to change this, together, today...

Locke Took Concepts from Aristotle Did you know that the Ancient Greek Philosopher Aristotle was actually one of the first on record to talk about purpose? That is, purpose in humans and in all other things. Aristotle believed, for instance, that even an ANT has purpose. And maybe it does... But the problem was, Locke believed in one specific idea that actually first came from Aristotle on the concept of 'form' of final causality, which means:

"A thing is created for the purpose of completing something. Not for the ACT in itself." For example, that a Painter or artist paints their portrait or landscape for the purpose of the final product would be a false statement. The Painter, for as much as she enjoys showing her work to the world, is in fact more concerned in the process of creating it. Therefore, this old way of thinking about goal setting, that Aristotle introduced and Locke, well, locked in, with the 'final cause' being the purpose, we NOW know NOT to be true.

We know today that the PROCESS IS a big part of purpose...but there's much more to it.

And knowing could be the difference to living a life we love, verse one that simple takes all our joy away, when we neglect the process...

Purpose is Not the Final Product. Let's go back to the Painter for a minute to illustrate this point again.

For instance, the Painter, with the work complete, framed, does not sit in satisfaction, marvelling at her work, now ready to rest. She does not pull up a chair, and say, "My job is done. Now I can go home, and really enjoy my life." No, what we've learned since the 1960's is that there is so much more to the act of goal setting and how it relates to personal fulfillment and purpose. Purpose Comes from 'Meaning' & 'Process' Yes purpose may gain substantial significance in what the final product is, what it is for, how it is seen, how it might help or benefit others, BUT the creation of the final form is never the final goal of a true personal and meaningful purpose. This is why many of us hate or are so bored with our jobs. Because somewhere inside we know that what we are doing each and every day really has nothing, or very little, to do with our purpose. And the places we work at pay little attention to this question, if in fact they understand this question at all. This is why it's crucial we align what we do each day to that of our personality types, and to the self-evaluations we've conducted so far to get here. This is why, regardless of your profession, it's important to tap into your purpose in what you do. And if this is an impossible task, the truth is, you may be extremely far removed from your purpose.

But there's good news if this might still be the case...

The 2021 Masterclass into Goal Setting We've come a long way since 1960. We know today that the modern day person is no longer interested or believes in the old way of defining our purpose. And in this masterclass we've reviewed nine elements that when combined, allow us to:

Set more meaningful goals aligned to our personality types to add more purpose in each of our days. Set goals that we successfully complete time after time, opening new doors and opportunities.

Set goals that master the process behind our personally designed systems and habits.

Set goals that literally change how we see the world, and how the world sees us, improving our brand.

Set goals that reconnect us to the human element inside meaningful actions, that will keep us moving forward, and wanting more, thus ensuring our goals don't just get started, they get finished too.


The above was taken from our upcoming Masterclass:

The Authentic You: Life Foundations Masterclass

In this masterclass we turn the page and take a deeper look at this incredibly important topic of:

"Goal Setting Strategies"

In this masterclass we’ll review a detailed and holistic approach to unravelling what it means to live our Authentic Lives, one filled with more autonomy, purpose, and mastery. We'll learn the skills we need to not just reach our goals, but how to love the process and the added purpose it brings us.

PLUS as a thank you for joining The-Inspired's newsletter, Subscribers will also receive first notice when this masterclass launches AND a one-time PROMO Code Discount on this incredible value packed Masterclass with over 70 modules, including assignments, worksheets, and over a dozen downloadable toolkit guides and cheatsheets to make every day an inspired one.

So if you're new or a returning visitor, but not subscribed, be sure to subscribe today!

And if you think you know someone who might benefit from this incredible value packed course, be sure to forward this on to your friends and family too.

Thanks again. Until next time stay safe, and stay inspired.

Goran Yerkovich



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