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Say Goodbye to What You Thought You Knew About Goal Setting,The 2021 Masterclass is Almost Here!

Are you ready to throw away what you thought you knew about goal setting?

The fact is, what most of us know about goal setting comes from ideas that are 60 years old! These original ideas on the topic came from Edwin A. Locke who began his examination of goal setting in the mid-1960s. Locke uncovered some incredible ideas that may seem obvious to us now:

That a person who sets 'specific' and 'hard to reach goals' will perform better than those who set 'general' or 'easy' goals.

Also incredible, Locke saw that there was a connection between successful goal setting and purpose.

But this is where things go turns out an idea that Locke promoted ended up becoming our modern day view that has left most of us setting goals, but not connecting to our purpose.

It's time we put one or two feet forward to change this, together, today...