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Are You a Liar? How Serial Liars Tell us More about themselves than they Ever Hoped to Reveal

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Count Dracula. When you hear the name you think blood sucking vampire and all around bad fella. But there's something much more intriguing about Dracula you may not have realized previously: Dracula was a big fat liar.

In fact, Count Dracula was one of the biggest serial liars ever to grace the storied pages of modern and classic fiction or silver screen.

But WHY was Dracula a liar?

I mean, here's a guy with good looks, lots of money, no mortgage on his castle, and yet, when he spoke, most of us could tell he was hiding something.

The thing about liars is, liars lie not because they want to, but because they need to. Dracula lied because he need you. Beautiful you, and all your goodness, and red blood cell count to live. To survive.

Without you, or your best friend who thought a last minute trip to Transylvania would be a great way to get away from the London grind for the weekend, Dracula was nothing.

Liars it turns out, especially those that lie most, share one human trait that is as sad as it is surprising. But before we go into any exploratory self-reflecting trip down any personal liar's lane voyage, we need to first talk a bit, about the act of lying and the major categories of liar-dom.

Let's Distinguish the Three Major Categories of Lies:

Lie Type One = The White Lie

The white lie is what you say to your husband or wife, or boyfriend or girlfriend when they put on a ridiculous outfit, or something that might now be one size too small, and still say "Honey you look marvellous!"

Or something a little more touching than that.

White lies are meant to keep us moving in our days. They allow us to venture forward and deal with things and issues and people that matter more. White lies are not what we are talking about here.

Lie Type Two = The Job Lie

The job lie is more about saying what you need to in order to get what you want. These are not big lies either. You are not lying about your job experience with this type of lie. But you may be stretching the truth a bit.

For instance, no one really is excited to work for a garbage removal company. Sure, maybe in some weird twisted way you love garbage or love cleaning it, but besides the one incredibly strange person reading this article (you are loved too!) no one else likes garbage. Garbage smells and well can get you really sick.

And yet, there are literally thousands if not millions of people employed around the world in some form of garbage removal or cleanup as part of their jobs.

These people do a very important job that most of us are not willing to do. And to get the job, because the job paid the bills and thats what most jobs are all about, they probably had to say something they didn't really mean, in order to get the job. The Job Lie is also not what this article is about.

Lie Type Three = The Dracula Lie

The Dracula lie could likely be broken down into several sub-categories but we'll keep things simple so we can get to the point, and let you get back to your busy day.

There are people in this world, people possibly in your life right now, who are big time Dracula liars.

Dracula liars lie about their lives. They lie about who they are, about what they do, about what they have, and even about what they want for their futures.

Dracula liars constantly lie.

But Dracula liars tell us so much more about themselves than intended.

When you think about THIS type of liar, you think of cheaters and deceivers.

You think of horrible people.

You may even think = of psychopaths. And maybe they are.

But what if these types of serial liars are not psychopaths. What if they are just so incredibly disappointed about their lives and where they ended up, they just can't tell anyone the truth?

This becomes the saddest truth of all.

Because the one thing that all liars have in common is FEAR.

The more they lie. The more they fear.

They fear that you may not accept them for what they really have or don't have.

They fear you may not accept them for who they really are.

They fear you may not accept them for how they really feel.

The biggest of liars live inside a trap they've placed themselves in. And with each additional lie they go in one step deeper.

Dracula it turns out, after all these years, had a valuable lesson to teach us...and that is that the truth will set you free.

The Garlic Free Solution

If you're in a place where your lies are taking over your life, know that it just takes one friend, one phone call, and one deep breath to start things new.

What you may find, in the end, is that the people who really mattered in your life already knew you were lying to them.

And that the person you were hurting most, was yourself.

Until next time, keep those vitamin B12 counts high, and the trips to Transylvania low.

That said, I have visited the towns of Brasov and Sighisoara in the Transylvanian region of Romania, and both were not only delightful, but also pretty much vampire free.

And that my friends is no lie.

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