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The Ancient Science of Siddha-Veda

Updated: Apr 12

The ancient science of siddha-veda comes with three questions that might just change your life. And while these questions seem simple on the surface, siddha-veda's masters say that 95% of us never truly figure them out.

And for those of us that do, even fewer realize their vision.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

If you've become a regular reader of The Inspired you'll know you have the power to not only fully understand the meaning of these questions for you, but also begin or continue your journey towards them.

The three life changing questions are these:

1. If you knew you would succeed at whatever you did, what would you be or do?

2. If you had 100 Million dollars given to you today, would would you be or do?

3. If you had just six months to live, what would you do, or what would you be?

Write these questions down.

And once you've had time to decide, write down your answers.

After all, your answers to this question, are worth more than any money in the world.

The answers to these questions are your hopes and your dreams.

They are your joys, removed from all fears.

And then, this morning, this afternoon, or tonight, start working towards each of these questions. You may find the answer to each brings you back to the same goals, the same desires, and the same dreams.

Then, before you continue ask yourself these questions…

  • Will I fully enjoy what this vision holds? And most of the steps along the way?

  • Do I do this truly for me, or for others?

  • And finally, in what I desire, have I removed my ego from the equation?

Then, once it is confirmed, work towards your vision.

True vision, after all, lives within all of us, if we're willing to take a deep breath and listen.

Share your vision with friends, for your sake and for theirs.

And be true to yourself, and to your principles, in whatever it is you do.

Once you begin, you'll realize the answer was there all along, in the palm of your hand.

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