• Goran Yerkovich

What are the Hardest Truths of Life?

You may not want to hear this but it's something you should probably hear soon. No it has nothing to do with luck, fate, or destiny. But it does have everything to do with the CHOICES you make that help define where you are today and where you'll most likely end up tomorrow.

Life is full of many difficult lessons if we’re willing to critically look and listen.

After almost 40 years of life, the hard days of not being able to make ends meet, to now the life of success I'm surrounded by...

Here are my THREE hardest life lessons to live by:

1.YOU are Responsible for where you are today = Self Evaluation: One of the most important things we can do in life is have the ability to critically self evaluate ourselves and take responsibility for our actions. Wait, it's not your fault? Taking this approach will lead you no where in life. No matter WHAT has happened to be before, no matter HOW bad it is, trust me, if you take responsibility NOW you'll EMPOWER yourself to move towards your NEW goals, dreams and opportunities.

WHY is Self Evaluation Important? It allows us to take responsibilities for our success and failures. Without it we blame the world for our lack of success. That means if you struggle to make new friends, if you have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships in dating or marriage, or if you're stuck in a dead end job, walk yourself through the steps that brought you here. Then look for mentors, coaches, guides to help you. Read more, educate yourself on what you could change about yourself. Try new experiences.

2. Finding Your OWN way: The Hard Truth is No one is going to fully show you the way. The answers will be all around you but YOU must put the pieces together like a puzzle. Same as above, take responsibility for where you are now and HOW you are using your time today.

WHY is Finding your way Important? Today for the first time in human history people are dying of OVER eating. They are filling their bodies with pills. They are depressed. In cities with MILLIONS of people, they feel alone.

3. Finding AMAZING life long friends is difficult. No matter how much you try there will only ever be a small group that you can fully connect with in life. That's just how it is. So hold on tight to the friends you care and respect the most. they won't be around forever. Have no regrets in the time you spent with them.

WHY are life long friends important? In a 75 year old study by Harvard, they confirmed that Family, Community and Friends defined sustainable life long happiness for those in the study.

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Goran Yerkovich

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