• Goran Yerkovich

What are life's top 10 beautiful truths?

If you live to 80 years old that means you’ll just have 29,200 days to live.

From sex to sunsets and everything in between, here’s our top 10 beautiful truths so you enjoy each of those 29,200 days:

1. Do something you love EACH and EVERY day to maintain your health and happiness.

2. Creating new experiences will keep you feeling alive, energized and challenged.

3. Happiness comes from WHAT you do with your time. Not from HOW MUCH money you make.

4. Great friends become family. And increase your happiness tenfold.

5. Embrace your friends for what they ARE. Not what they are NOT.

6. Your family loves you. They will do anything for you. Do the same.

7. Sex is beautiful. Enjoy it, on your own terms, never on someone else's.

8. Sunsets remind us that each day is beautiful and precious. Even today.

9. Stars remind us of the many cosmic mysteries that made us.

10. We are all connected on this planet. Be kind to each other TODAY

BONUS: Look for opportunities to help a stranger today. Be it carrying their groceries to their car if they are old or injured. To buying them a lunch or offering them your meal if you're not hungry.

BONUS x 2: Or reach out to a friend who might be in need. Life can be stressful and friends go a long way in us getting through those bad dark days. And if you’re having a good day there’s a good chance someone out there isn’t. Help fill someone else’s cup.

BONUS x 3: Celebrate the little things in life. Like birthdays, promotions, or any small success. Be it yours or someone else's. Those little celebrations will add up to one incredibly fun and fulfilling life.

Thanks and I hope that helped someone out there today!

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