• Goran Yerkovich

What are some mind blowing facts about psychology?

Updated: Apr 12

New mind blowing facts about psychology are in. The answers will surprise you. They are controversial and for No2 on the list, I'd suggest more research is still required.

1. Birth order does NOT impact if you are a leader, awkward middle child, or seek out constant attention as the youngest in the family. According to the journal PNAS, suggested stereotypes associated with birth order are false.

2. Your personality does not change with age. According to researcher Paul T. Costa Jr there is little to no evidence that our personalities changes as you age. Debatable for sure, what do you think?

3. Increasing electrical activity to the brain as it develops will increase the neurological strength and development. Our brains all create an electrical current so just think what the optimal amount of mental battery therapy could do? Insert Frankenstein jokes here.

4. Open office floor plans decrease creativity and also decrease human interactions. Surprisingly in a recent study where an office was converted to an open floor plan, email and messaging increased while face to face interactions decreased.

5. Negative body image can lead to an unhappy relationship and potentially divorce. In recent findings having a negative body image creates an impression in your partner that you may be unhappy with your relationship and partner too.

Thanks for reading!

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