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The Amazing Psychology and Secrets of Body Language

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Your body is giving out signals. Whether you like it or not. Nonverbal communication is one of the strongest indicators of how someone feels in a particular moment. Or how they feel about YOU.

It can also help at work:

  • Need help negotiating that next business deal?

  • Wondering why you are struggling making new friends?

  • Not sure if that person you like has a crush on likes you?

Watch for these Body Language signals to find out what's really going on.

Regardless of if they want to actually tell you or not.

Practice, watch for and master these body language signals in social situations at work, home, or with friends.

Here are my top 10 body language signals to MASTER:

1. Feet pointed towards a person they like. Most people don’t know this one. But if they sitting next to someone they like, their feet will be pointed towards that person.

2. Biting of lip, moving of lower lip. Says that the person is uncertain at the moment. If you are in negotiations and this happens they may be unsure of how to respond to your comments or questions.

3. Moving slowly in conversation shows confidence. This one is very primal and not many people know this skill. If you move your body quickly, such as nodding your head, moving your hands, arms, legs, it’s a sign you are overly accommodating and not interested in showing any dominance.

4. Smiling with mouth closed shows insecurity and lacks confidence. Showing our teeth takes bravado and shows that you are fearless, proud, and ready for the moment.

5. Blinking rapidly may be a sign of flirting with the opposite sex. It tells you the person is interested, wanting to look at you, but also shy and not sure how to act around you.

6. Standing straight is a sign of health and confidence. If we want to give off a good first impression stand tall, everyone prefers friends, coworkers, family members that are confident.

7. How big or small you present yourself in a meeting when sitting in a chair tells those around you if you are feeling secure or lacking confidence. Sit up straight, open your body up, do not shrink yourself down. You are important!

8. Eye Contact of course most of us know is very important. But it’s finding that right balance of eye contact without starring at someone’s eyes for eternity. Maintain eye contact when you greet someone but then give it a break every few seconds.

9. For men who want to display strength and dominance walk with your hand down next to your body with hands perpendicular, so that anyone looking directly at you can see all 5 of your fingers. This very primal signal of strength is practiced by our world leaders at meetings.

10. Stop fidgeting because doing so in any situation shows you are not interested in a topic, and that you are unable to concentrate.

11. BONUS: Know when you’ve been talking too long and then stop. If you are telling someone a story be sure to watch for their eyes. If the person looks down, its a good sign they are tired of the conversation or just busy and need to move on to something else.

12. BONUS X2: If you're worried you just provoked a confrontation, open your hands outwards to display that you mean no harm. This shows a non threatening, non aggressive approach and that you are willing to accommodate. It might help prevent an escalated moment from getting out of hand.

These non-verbal communication cues are key to strong, healthy and productive interactions in the workplace and at home. Practice them. Watch for them, and master them.

I hope that helped someone out there. For more life advice, inspiring and thought provoking ideas be sure to visit us at

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