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If We Understand This Beautiful Elegant truth: Alan Watts Video On Who You Really Are

Updated: Apr 12

If we understand this beautiful elegant truth we'd understand so much more about the world around us. Of who we are and why we are here. In Hindu mythology they say that the world, life itself, is the drama of God.

In Indian mythology, as Alan Watts also explains, God is consciousness. In other words the reality around us, our reality, is God. While we and all the stars in the sky, are all a celebration the very existence of it all.

Reality is gorgeous.

All of us sitting around this world are sitting right in the middle of everything. We are sitting within the beauty of it all.

If we understand this elegant truth, and if you have ever lived one complete moment within this truth, well, then, you have experienced it all.

Deep down, far within, everyone is "I" and we all know it, we are all 'IT".

We are all connected. We all come from a single source.

And then if we understand THIS truth, well, the next time we are stressed, the next time we are having a bad day, when we've had a moment to catch our breath, we will have the ability to say to ourselves:

"...Wait, but why was I making such a fuss about it all? When I already had it all, right in front of me."

Reality is Gorgeous - ALAN WATTS


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