• Goran Yerkovich

What Real Purpose of Obstacles Are Not to Hold You Down, But to Set You Free: Inspired Video

Updated: Apr 12

There's a Norwegian proverb that says "A Hero is someone who knows how to hang on for one minute longer." Creating success is a game of endurance. It's the ability to hang on for just a little bit longer. It's the ability to not give up.

Living the life you've always wanted won't be easy, but it is possible.

But it will come with many obstacles.

These are the things that will try to hold you back.

These are the things that will try to hold you down.

But obstacles are not the problem. How you deal with obstacles will be the answer.

Obstacles are simply something that we learn from.

Get busy and start working. You can do this.

If You're Thinking About Giving Up, I Made This For You


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