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What Are The Best Ways to Reduce Your Shyness? The Inspired Guide to Show Your Authentic You

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Being shy is a perfectly normal thing. And I think it’s important we all understand that to start.

This may surprise most people, but as a child I was incredibly shy. I was afraid of having conversations with strangers. I was afraid of water. I was afraid of dogs and I was afraid of just about everything.

But somewhere along the way I discovered rules along the way, principles that I live by today. I am no longer shy, but I encounter many people today that still are. Some people are perfectly fine with being shy. But others I can tell are shy for reasons that perhaps are seemingly outside of their control.

Guess what - if you're interested in reducing your shyness, there are steps you can take TODAY. It all starts from within. And then it takes practice.

Shyness comes from many different places. It’s something we are born with and it can relate to our self esteem and confidence.

If you know your shyness is related to self esteem and confidence, here are the lessons I learned in life that helped me reduce my shyness:

I discovered I lived in a safe place where people loved me.

IF you are not being loved right now by Family or Friends, know that you are worthy of love. YOU are beautiful. Tell yourself this every morning as you get up from bed.

I discovered it was OK to be me.

IF you don’t think it’s OK to be you, well I’m sorry but you are wrong. LOVE yourself for all the beautiful things inside. You are amazing.

I discovered that those around me had many of the same fears.

Know that FEAR only guides us into darkness. Find your dream and work towards it as your guiding light.

I discovered that we were all on our own journey called life.

LIFE is a journey worth living for all the unexpected and wonderful surprises ahead. Embrace new experiences and happiness will follow.

I realized the importance of new experiences.

Experiences will shape and define you. Go outside and experience something new, something you’ve never done before today.

I realized through experience what I loved each day.

Experiences will teach you about what YOU LOVE. Once you discover those things make time for them each and every day.

I realized it was ok to keep to myself if I needed my space.

Being shy is perfectly normal. Just know that if you are working towards reducing your shyness it takes time and practice. It will take believing in yourself and realizing that in the end the only one we are competing with in life is ourselves.

I learned that everyone needs respect, acknowledgment and love.

And regardless of if you are shy or not, I know these things to be true.

Thanks and I hope that helped someone out there.

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