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What Are the Top 10 Noble Truths of Life?

Updated: Apr 12

Noble truths are things we learn in life but sometimes we forget about them along the way. It's easy to become self absorbed with our own needs and lives and forget the greater noble truths around us. Reminding ourselves of these truths will help guide us in good times and in bad.

So without further delay, here are The Inspired's 10 Ten List of Noble Truths:

1. We are all connected from a single source. Be kind to others.

2. Family is precious. Never forget where you came from.

3. Friends will come and go in life, but only true friends will remain.

4.To give for the sake of helping others is the greatest of rewards.

5. Love Family. Love friends. Love Nature. But never material things.

6. Never lose connection with Mother Nature or you will lose part of yourself.

7. We are born. We Die. The kind acts in between is what we’ll be remembered for.

8. Find peace within yourself for who you are today and now. Or you may never find peace at all.

9. Forgive those who have hurt you for they know not what they do.

10. The world IS what YOU make it. Be the first to smile or say hello to others.

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