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Life Is Not Actually About Winning: What the World Needs More of is not what you think

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

One of the worst mistakes we make in life is not following this one rule. We've all heard it before. It has been told a countless number of times to us as kids. And now parents tell their children this very same thing. "It's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game." But what does it actually mean? In a recent Joe Rogan interview with Jordan Peterson, an answer was provided. A brilliant one at that. It's a valuable lesson to live by every single day...

We have all been told a BIG audacious LIE in our lives.

The truth is, in LIFE, it's not actually about WINNING.

The truth is, it's HOW we play the game matters, regardless of if we win or lose.

This can be seen in countless of examples around us. It is part of you and your history. It is how you are seen by others. And it plays a big part of who you are now, and where you'll end up tomorrow.

Some of us will end up surrounded by family and friends that love us. While others will end up alone.

How you play the game, be it at work, at home, outside among strangers, all eventually catches up to you.

If you are kind, open, and honest. If you help others when they are in need, however you can. If you give more of yourself than you expect in return. If you treat strangers as you would brothers and sisters. If you take part in your community and find a way to be a good neighbour, in the end, you'll show to yourself and the world around you, that you don't care about winning, or being right, or being better than someone else. You'll be loved for all the things you do that helped others along the way.

You'll be loved for all those things. People will gravitate towards you while you're on this earth. And when you're gone you'll be missed and remembered for all the little things you did to make the world a better place.

If on the other hand your goal is to get ahead at all cost. To use people, to abuse your power. To take credit for other people's hard work. To lie, to cheat, and to not keep your word when you've made a promise, well, you'll be remembered for those things too.

Regardless of your POWER and WEALTH, if you make the mistake of being selfish, and materialistic. If you are constantly looking inward and not caring about those around you, when the time comes and you need someones help, you'll be alone. You'll be on your own.

Look at the Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein today. It seems, no matter how powerful, rich and connected he was, everything still came crumbling down for him. He failed to follow this crucial rule of life.

On the other hand, take a look at the Croatian football team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Croatia didn't win the championship final match, in fact they lost 4-2 to France. And yet somehow that team of Croatian football players stole the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

Croatia lost that game but still won in the end. That team of underdogs, who fought through three overtime sudden death overtime games in a row to reach the final they lost, still came home to one of the biggest hero's welcomes in their small nations history. And it all came down to the personal performances, of its players.

"It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."

As each game progressed in Russia's World Cup 2018, that Croatian underdog and dark horse continued to turn up their heart, drive and passion. With each game their confidence, strength, and self belief never looked stronger. The Croatian team, in the end, showed the world, their nation, and everyone who followed closely what LIFE was actually all about.

And so by the time Croatia reached the World Cup Final, it was no longer about football.

From humble beginnings, Luka Modric, goat herder at the age of 5, refugee soon after because of the Croatian War for independence, quietly, patiently helped herd his team towards the final. In 2014 Messi won the Golden Boot for best player in the tournament. In 2018 Luka Modric won it instead.

The world had learned a lesson about how to play the game.

Underdogs are inspired by stories like this one. Refugees, the those who experience misfortune and hardship, through adversity, hard work and sacrifice, somehow find a way to survive. They find a way to thrive.

It turns out, the world does not need more Cristiano Ronaldo's, full of amazing skill, but too much ego. The world needs more Luka Modric's. Quiet humble leaders, who know how to play the game. They'll never tell you as much, because they are too humble to do so. But we can all learn from their stoic examples.

Thanks again for reading

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