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The Secret Power of Books Revealed: How Reading Each Day will Transform Your Life

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Tired the same old routine? Ready to open new opportunities? Maybe the answer's your looking for have already been written. If you're like me, you believe in constant learning. And that means looking for advice on the most important thing around - how to live our lives.

In school we learn about facts, but who there teaches us about life? Over the past few decades self-help books have become a staple for many of us searching for deeper understanding of what makes us tick, and what can give us more satisfaction in our business and personal lives.

So yes - it is true. Self help books CAN GIVE YOU A BETTER LIFE.

So do Self-help books actually work? The answer is YES! If you are we willing to follow these 5 simple rules. This is coming from someone who has made drastic changes in his own personal life. It started with not feeling fulfilled with my work life, even though I was consistently putting in 110%. Do you know what I'm talking about? My journey started with self evaluation of my priorities and the things that gave me fulfillment. But the x-factor for me started once I started reading a variety of books that changed my perspective of life.

Here's our Top 5 rules that will make self-help books really work for you:

1. Not all self-help books are great. Ask friends you respect and do your research on the books that made the biggest difference in their lives. Research and then pull the trigger and buy it. If you wait you'll forget.

2. Read the damn book! I’ve given countless recommendations to family and friends but only a handful have actually opened those books. If you are ready for change dive in. Don't worry if you think you might not be ready. The good thing about self help books is you can go at your own pace.

3. Find someone to talk about your progress. Now that you are reading the book, find a friend that you can talk to about those great new ideas. Share your goals, feelings and thoughts. It takes time to move those new ideas into actionable elements.

4. EXECUTE on your new ideas. This will mean setting up Big Audacious goals, creating a plan, and finding time each day to get started on them. Failing to execute on your new knowledge is one of biggest mistakes I see people make when they are reading a self help book.

5. Make sacrifices to execute on your goal. Don’t have time to execute on your new goals you say? No one said it would be easy, but everyone has at least a little free time they can find. Here are time saving techniques that will help you find new time in your day:

a. Turn off the TV - instead of watching 1 or 2 or 3 hours of tv per night switch it off, find a quiet space, and begin working on your goals

b. Make better use of your daily commute - if you are driving listen to audio books on the subject you are learning about. Or read a book if on a train.

c. Go to bed early and read 25 pages per day - if you want to finish your book effectively and quickly force yourself into bed early and read.

6. BONUS - and this one is CRUCIAL - Write down your goals, start big, then give yourself weekly actions. Check your progress, and monitor yourself weekly.

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Thanks again for reading and I hope that helped someone out there!

Goran Yerkovich


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