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Is Being 28 and Single Bad? Top 10 Reasons You Should Stay Single

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

This answer may not be a very popular, but guess what, YES! Being single and 28 is BAD news! Here’s My Top 10 Controversial Reasons Why Being Single and 28 is Bad news. If you disagree let us know in our forum community discussion.

1. Freedom - Some people don’t like freedom. It scares them. So they play it safe. You’ll have the freedom to do literally what ever you want, when ever you want. Ok there may be some legal consequences so be careful on that one. Isn’t freedom overrated anyways?

2. Sex and Dating Variety - You’ll have the ability to date whomever you want, whenever you want. I hear Tinder is popular if you’re good looking for random hookups and meaningless sex. If you’re not a natural 8/10 then there are other dating site options out there that focus on ‘personality’…which lets face it, does matter the most after we get over the looks. But whatever you do, Wear protection! And I don’t mean sunscreen.

3. You don’t have to worry about the pressure of Marriage. If you were in a relationship, and dating for a while, eventually the pressure of marriage comes in. And while Marriage isn’t what it once once, it still has plenty of rules to it. Checkout my Part 1 and Part 2 on Why we get Married for a unique perspective and history on Marriage.

4. You can play video games all night if you want do! Hey I’m not saying you SHOULD play video games all night. But you COULD. And that’s good enough in my books.

5. Go Night Clubbing last minute, or to one of those crazy country pubs with friends. You might end up meeting one of those really hot farmers daughters that hasn’t seen a man outside of her town in months and all of a sudden…BAM. Back to Reason No 2 above. And you don’t need permission! Or as some of my married friends call it…a hall pass.

6. You can read all day without worrying about doing the dishes! If you’re like me, you’re not a big fan of doing dishes. And putting them in the dishwasher seems like a lot of work too. But don’t worry, no one is watching. Warning: You will eventually run out of dishes. And no one likes slobs so maybe switch to paper plates or clean up before friends arrive?

7. You can eat from paper plates and plastic cups so you never have to do dishes! Okay, this one is REALLY bad for the environment. But I’m just saying. It’s an option if your single.

8. You can wear your favourite shirt or pants or shorts for that one or two extra days AFTER you know it should have been washed. Again, this habit probably means your grooming habits suck, and may lead to the inability of finding anyone who will date you ever, but, you’ll be comfortable, and you’ll get to do the laundry on YOUR terms.

9. You can sleep in. And I don’t mean until 11am. I’m talking until 4pm people. That’s insane and impossible for most of us to imagine.

10. You’re unhappy but in relationship friends will hate you. I mean deep down hate. For all the reasons listed above and probably a few others. And unless you’re a real jerk you should probably keep all these positives to yourself before you create a massive singles only movement!

Okay, so being single at 28 may not be so bad after all. In all seriousness, there’s plenty of great reasons to enjoy your single time. And understand that marriage is not a final destination, but an option for man, woman and everything in between.

You may have friends out there that are unhappy but in a relationship. In fact you may not a LOT of friends out there in this situation. It could be family too. Just make sure you get into a relationship on your own terms. Or stay single. The choice, like most things, are in your hands.

For more life advice, unique perspectives and thought provoking conceptions be sure to join and checkout our Community Forum where you can post ideas, ask questions or give your own recommendations.

Thanks and I hope you had fun reading. And maybe even learned something along the way

Goran Yerkovich


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