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Top 10 Things to Stop Wasting Your Time on in your Twenties

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Some of these answers my be a bit controversial and unpopular but I stick by them for many reasons. If you disagree tell us why on our new Inspired Community Forum page! This is our list of things you should not waste your time on in your twenties:

1. Finishing School. Wait what? Isn’t school important? Yes but don’t waste your time taking too long to finish. I switched between programs three times before figuring out what worked. This delayed me from starting my world travels by at least 2 years!

2. Failing to Focus your No 1 priority in your 20’s - BE A STUDENT and finish school. If you don’t, it may never happen. Yes you'll be a student to the world too. But AFTER you finish school.

3. Watching TV, Playing Computer Games, Watching Porn. Watching TV, as Laurie Brown says, is the lowest form of experience. And life is all about is new Experiences. Get out of your bedroom and see the world now. As for Porn, well your best real life sex will always beat any epic porn video. No pun intended.

4. Drugs, Booze, Parties. Ok this answer may not seem very popular but it’s all about moderation. Some drugs will kill you and leave you highly addicted. I’ve seen former classmates who had great potential lose it all thanks to a “Party and drug filled lifestyle.” The lucky ones made it out, but don’t underestimate addiction. In the end you’ll realize it wasn’t the drugs or booze that made the trip - it was the people you were with.

5. Serious or Long Term Relationships. Guess what, you don’t have to settle down and get married at the age of 22. The rules of marriage have changed drastically. This means more time for you to date, and learn about what you love in a person.

6. Being Angry. The world is not out to get you. The world does not hate you. So, stop being angry. Stop being a victim, and take control of your future.

7. Stupid, idiotic friends. Some people never grow up. Some people want to drag you don’t in the process. And some people have no ambition. Stay clear of these people. You’re better than that.

8. Eating junk food. Telling yourself you're young so you can eat garbage is totally ridiculous. Eating processed foods in your 20’s will lead to having bad eating habits in your 30’s and 40’s. Then one day you’ll wake up fat, sick and nearly dead. You'll be unhealthy and wondering why. Your body is a temple. Treat it with respect.

9.Playing it safe. Don’t be afraid to take some risks in life. After you finish school, go travel, explore, experience things. Or go travel before university or trade school, if needed. Learning to take risks is the key to building your self confidence and life experience.

10. Spending Money that isn’t yours. If you are 20 something and not working, or depending on your parents, it’s time to grow up and get a job. Even a part time job. You’ll learn the value of money and budgets.

11. UPDATED - Not having Rules to live by. This is our Top 20 List of Rules to Live by at any age that's received over 30k views and 300 upvotes on

BONUS - Make Sure you enjoy your 20’s - they only happen once in your life. So plan accordingly, set big goals, find your balance and have one hell of an amazing time…as long as you finish your school in the process.

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Thanks and I hope that helped someone out there.

Thank you,

Goran Yerkovich

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