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What are a few unique pieces of career advice that nobody ever mentions? Top 10 Inspired Tips

Updated: Apr 12

When you go to school you learn much about business and and business concepts. You learn about new technologies and sciences. You learn about amazing new developments in industry. But unfortunately no one ever teaches you, directly, on the single most important thing at any business. What is that one single most important thing?

Answer: The No 1 Most Important Piece of Career Advice = Its the relationships you grow, build and nurture where ever you work.

This doesn’t matter if you are at a big company or a small company. Or something in between. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or frontline staff. The relationships you build will pave your way and set you up for a potentially great future.

But what does building relationships mean exactly?

These The-Inspired.com core principles provide the answer:

1. Treat coworkers as you would your family. This is of course assuming you LIKE your family. After all, isn’t that how you’d want to be treated as well? In the end we’re all connected by common bonds.

2. Work hard. There is no substitute for hard work. People appreciate it. And your team will take notice.

3. Be a strong collaborator. This means parking your ego and opening your ears to learn what your company and teams core values are.

4. Show up on time. Or even a little bit early. It helps you get started on your day. It prevents rushing to get started. And perception matters. If you constantly show up 1 hr after the rest of the team they won’t appreciate it.

5. Do Great Work. This means bringing in new ideas. It also means getting your work done on schedule. This means creating content you’d be proud to show your mom or dad.

6. Learn how to handle ambiguity. This is the grey stuff that’s not on your head. But it’s the questions or scenarios that you can handle yourself without having to ask the boss for help.

7. Don’t be a victim at work. No, generally speaking, your office mates are not out to get you. They are not conspiring against you. Read The-Inspired.com for more Toolkit tips on how not to be a victim.

8. Find the brightest and best minds in your office and get to know them. Ask for their advice. You never know what you’ll learn.

9. Be Self Aware. What are you doing in the office that might be pissing off your coworkers around you? Yelling on your phone, bringing in smelly lunches, having a messy work area, gossiping - all things to avoid.

10. Hygiene and personal grooming. Having showered or washed your hair for a few days? Don’t brush your teeth or floss? Wearing a dirty shirt or something that’s fit for a gym locker? These are all unpleasant things that are things that will put you in the ‘last to be picked for a team event’ category.

Bonus - Well the bonus is really just a reminder to build your relationships.

Relationship Mini Rules for Daily Conversations:

a. Being RIGHT all the time - Let others lead. You won’t be respected less.

b. Doing all the talking - If you’re talking your not creating 50/50 relationships

c. Never listening - Listen when others speak. Concentrate. Learn. Listen.

d. Bonus - If you have a problem. Make sure you are providing solutions to help solve them.

For more inspiring ideas and rules of life, join our growing global community of inspired minds at The-Inspired.com.

Thanks and I hope that helped someone out there.

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