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How to Dramatically Improve Your Life in 2 Years or Less? Top 16 Ways Revealed

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Success and fulfillment in life comes from first understanding your own core principles, then developing your Inspired Plan, and finally executing on your plan. But how you get there is the hard part. So here’s The-Inspired's list of core principles and rules to dramatically improve your life in 2 years.

Let’s start with’s Core Principles:

Principle 1: Have A Clear Vision of Tomorrow: This core principle will act as a guiding light when difficult decisions appear. Understand what your vision looks like in 6 months and 1 - 5 Years in the future. If you know it’s a long road you’ll be less likely to stop or give up when things do not go to plan.

Principle 2: Love Yourself Inside and Out: This cornerstone principle is critical to your success. In the journey of changing your life you’ll have many obstacles along the way. Unfortunately close friends and family may not actually believe in what you are trying to accomplish. This is where you’ll dig deep, understand your potential, and continue forward.

Principle 3: LOVE what you do. And do it every day. So if your dreams don't meet your true or total vision, know that you enjoyed the process of the journey. This creates a win win scenario. And who wouldn’t want that.

Be sure to use the above as your CORE GUIDING PRINCIPLES for the list below.

Dramatically Changing Your life in the next two years will require these rules:

1. Define a Big Audacious Dream. Only you can decide what this is. Don’t know, go to step 2, if you do, skip to step 3

2. Can’t decide what your 1 Big Audacious Dream should be? Take time off, away from family and friends. Get away from work and obligations for at least 1 week to spend the time decompressing from life’s stresses and find your clarity.

3. Share the idea with close friends for inputs and suggestions. No great accomplishment was done alone. Use those you trust the most as a sounding board to find holes in your idea and clarify your plan.

4. Understand what MVP means. No not most valuable player. In business terms it means Minimal Viable Product. If you are improving YOU focus on a few things that you can get done realistically. If the list is too long it won’t happen. If the goal is a new business or career change, or a new way of living, MVP is your starting point. Research this term.

5. Create a Plan of Attack. Break down your Big Audacious Dream into smaller GOALS. Goal sizes can be monthly with weekly action items. Small enough so you can see the progress.

6. EXECUTE on your Plan. If you don’t execute, nothing is going to happen. Ever. Don’t have time? Read on…

7. Sacrifice. Ask yourself “What am I willing to Sacrifice to make it happen?” You’ll need to make some major sacrifices in order to reach your weekly and monthly goal deadlines. Adjust course as needed.

8. Share your goals with a good friend. If you’re doing this alone, share your goals list with a friend to help keep you accountable and on point.

9. Remember BALANCE. If you’re dedicated to your goals you may forget to eat properly, get enough sleep, or spend time with the people you care about most. Find the right level of balance so you don’t destroy the most important things in process i.e. your health and your relationships. Working towards Dreams you can redo, but in life some things you can't.

10. Enjoy what you’re doing. Have fun. Life is too short not to enjoy what your doing every single day of your life.

UPDATED and now the extended list beyond what we posted on

11. BUILD your portfolio, Put your TIME in. As an extension of Rule 6 above, your execution should lead to new content, an extensive library of your new product or service. This is what you'll be sharing with others. This is how you create and build credibility.

12. Enter the world in which you wish to live. I don't mean just networking. I mean much more. I mean becoming part of that world. Going to events, making new connections. Once you become part of this world unexpected opportunities will present themselves. NOTE - This is one of the most critical rules to take in. Don't forget to do this.

13. Ask for Mentorship. Once in that new world, you can't be afraid to ask for help. Find a potential mentor and this is key - ask for specific help and set the scope of what you need. i.e. "May we meet once per week for 30 mins to talk about 'x'?" or "May I email you once per week with a list of questions related to 'x'?" Remember to be very specific. And not to setup too long of a duration between your communications so you don't lose momentum in your learning. But also do not email or call or try to meet with your mentor daily, or you'll find yourself without one soon enough.

14. Knowledge is Power. Read Self Help books. Go to conferences. Learn from those who have had success in your new field. You'll discover new concepts you might have missed before. Look for book recommendations, or conference recommendations. Immerse yourself into the new world you want to be a part of.

15. Set Success Measures in what you are doing. Big business uses this strategy so why can't you. Decide what goals you're working towards monthly and see if you are meeting those targets.

16. Know your exit strategy if necessary. Decide how much time, energy, money is required to work towards your two year goal. If you've put in the time, the money and it's not happening, it's ok to walk away as long as we learn from the experience. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you it took many failed attempts before they found success and were able to substantially change their lives.

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