• Goran Yerkovich

How Do You Know if You're Mature? Top 10 Reasons Revealed

Updated: Apr 12

From facing our fears, owning up to our responsibilities, and learning from our mistakes, here are my Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself or the Person You Love if they are Mature.

  1. You take responsibility for where YOU are in your life? Yes - Many aspects of who we are in life is predetermined by where you are born, how you were raised, but you understand that only you have the power to make the correct choices to change your life.

  2. You are not afraid to tell your closest friends your biggest fears. We all need close friends or family that we can count on. In fact, the most successful people have incredible networks that help them solve their problems.

  3. You’re not afraid to make a mistake and learn from it. Executing on our goals will make our dreams come true. And so does failure if you’re willing to learn, adjust, and execute all over again.

  4. You don’t exploit other peoples weaknesses and insecurities for dominance or pleasure. We know our family members and close friends well. We know what they are insecure about. But we choose NOT to push those buttons simply for our pleasure.

  5. You understand the motives behind your comments? This means speaking with intent to friends, family and those you work with. This also means understanding when our EGO and our own insecurities are driving our comments.

  6. You understand that validation, real validation comes from within? We all need love, respect and acknowledgement, but know that ultimately personal, meaningful validation comes from within. If you are seeking it outside of yourself ask why.

  7. You own up to your mistakes and admit when you are wrong? Be it marriage, with family or friends, or in your community.

  8. You have the self awareness to understand how others see you? Self awareness is a difficult one to perceive. The art of conversation takes a lot of energy, but adding on a layer of self reflection during a conversation will give you added insight on how you can do a better job of building the relationships around you.

  9. You take the time to really listen to others and do not judge? We all need a sounding board. We all need someone who is a good listener. And that’s all. Life is complicated and stressful. Be a good listener.

  10. You take care of someone or something because it's the most important thing in your life. Becoming a parent, a great parent, requires giving completely of yourself. And if you're caring for a sick or aging loved one, you know it's your help with ease your loved ones pain, at the cost of the many sacrifices you make.

  11. BONUS - You give back to others because they need help and for no other reason? Yes it feels good to give back, but sometimes we give for the wrong reasons.

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Thanks and I hope that helped someone out there today. If you see any big questions we might have missed, let us know by commenting on this post!

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