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How Much Should You Read Everyday?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

This one simple rule, if you have the self discipline to make it happen, will change the way you read, the amount you read and the quality of your reading experience. In fact, you'll read more books than you ever imagined possible.

I’m also a firm believer that this rule has changed my life. And it's increased my level of knowledge tenfold.

The simple rule is this:

Read 25 pages per day. Every single day. No matter what.

The amazing thing is, if you make a commitment to read 25 page per day, then your habits will change to ensure you reach this goal.

In the book “The Power of Daily Habits” the author discusses cornerstone or foundational habits that will change everything around you. This 25 page per day rule is a very such habit.

For instance the 25 page per day cornerstone rule will:

a. Help you go to bed earlier to ensure you reach your 25 page goal. i.e. Going to bed at 9pm instead of 11pm! And you’ll get a better nights sleep in the process!

b. Focus your time and energy better towards reading i.e. when you find 15 extra minutes to kill, instead of mindless internet surfing you work on your 25 page goal.

c. Help you prioritize your day i.e. And get you thinking about what other daily opportunities you’ll have to read to ensure you read your 25 pages

d. Enable you to finish books much faster than you can imagine. And so give you a hunger for more books. You’ll go from potentially only reading a few books a year to 2 -4 books per month depending on length.

e. Enable you to execute on the new ideas you’re learning from within these books. I’m a firm believer in not just gaining knowledge, but leveraging it in ways that work for you.

Thanks and I hope that this helped you with your reading focus! For more tips and inspirational, motivational ideas check out

Thank you

Goran Yerkovich



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