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How Do You Find Your Life's Purpose?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Finding your life’s purpose requires self evaluation and asking questions that come with difficult answers. Defining your Life’s Purpose is not something that will happen overnight. It’s a long journey but one worth taking for anyone searching for a better and more fulfilling way to live their lives.

Here’s’s Top 10 Ways to Find Your Life’s Purpose:

  1. Self Evaluation is not something we are good at. It’s difficult being honest with ourselves and seeing the truth.

  2. Ask Yourself This Simple Question: Am I happy? If you answer no immediately, go back to No 1 and start digging deeper.

  3. Are you working towards your passions in Life? Do you know what makes you passionate to live life?

  4. Complete an Experiences Exercise. Think back to your happiest moments in life. Are they something you can repeat? Are they something you could do every day?

  5. Write down a list of Top 15 Dreams in Life You’ve always wanted to do in your life. Then prioritize your top 3 and start working towards No 1.

  6. Start working on your life’s purpose without delay. The surprising thing is sometimes what you THINK is your life’s purpose is actually something you won’t enjoy doing day in and day out. The longer you spend only dreaming and not ACTING on that idea, more time you’ll waste not working towards the ACTUAL life purpose you were intended for.

  7. Not sure what your life’s purpose or passions are? Learn about “Flow State.” This happens when you are inside of an experience you really enjoy. This could be writing, sailing a boat, playing or coaching sports, volunteering or just about anything. In “flow state” you lose track of time because you are fully immersed inside of an experience. If this happens - you’ve found something you’re passionate about.

  8. Understand that it’s possible to have many different purposes in life. But if you are to truly pursue and be successful at any of them see the next item in our list…

  9. Focus on One Life Purpose at a time. This sounds obvious, and even easy, but trust me it’s not. My strategy is to ensure you are dedicated time to that one passion every single day.

  10. Build routines in your life that help you work towards your life’s purpose. Routines remove the unnecessary decisions from our day and allow us to focus our brain power on our specific goals.

I hope this help someone out there. If you have additional tips to help someone find their life’s purpose be sure to share your comments!

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