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WELCOME TO THE 5 for 5 ChallengE! 
5 For 5 Challenge Introductionby Goran Yerkovich
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What is the 5 For 5 Challenge? 

Give me just 5 minutes of your time for 5 days and I’ll show you the ultimate guide to transform your work days, using 5 paradigm shifting strategies that literally only take minutes.  100% FREE!

Click on the audio file above to learn more!

How this Challenge Works: 

As a subscriber you'll receive one new 5 minute strategy to listen to each week. Simply watch for the "5 For 5 Challenge" email (days 1 - 5) and click on the webpage link when it arrives!


Challenge Benefits

1. Reduce Workplace & Remote-work Burnout. 

2. Re-energize & Become Fully Engaged in Life & Work. 

3. Evaluate & Transform Your Daily Routines.

4. Learn How to Finally Start Doing What You Love... Each Day!

5. Remove Negative Thoughts to Reduce Conflicts & Self-Doubt today!

You'll Get 5 Free Audio Lessons Over 5 Weeks! Plus Our Free Weekly Newsletter & Your Free Self-Evaluation Guide for Joining!

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Hi I'm Goran Yerkovich, PMI, BA, IIBA, CSM. As a Corporate Consultant, with over 15 years experience, I've worked with some of the biggest companies across Canada, providing Consulting, Business Analysis & Project Management expertise in both Private & Public Sectors for billion dollar organizations, including major national banks, telecom leaders & even American e-commerce giants, totalling over 100 million dollars.

If you have an idea for a story, or if you'd like to share your journey, or you'd like to tell me about the articles you've loved, and how they have helped you in your journey, you can reach me at:  

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