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If you're looking to discover the best career designed for you, how to build your personal brand to get your next job, or change careers, or get promoted, or the full suite of insider Business and & IT Tools, Tactics, Templates, and Guides used in the Canadian & US Corporate Markets, then these online courses will help you achieve your goals with ultimate success.

To help ensure your success, all courses include easy to follow step-by-step instructions, high quality in-depth videos, downloadable assignments, cheat sheet guides, and chapter quizzes. All courses also come with a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you get the benefits & results you expected.

Gain your personal or professional edge, transform your career, or start something new. Enrol today to unlock your greatest strengths, talents, & potential.   

Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.


Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.


Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.


Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.

Career discovery course poster.jpg

Discovering the best career designed for you can take years or decades to determine, if at all.  But in this short, easy to follow course we'll show you proven techniques and self-assessment tests used by academics, professionals and national institutions to help you quickly evaluate & determine your potential career path(s) that align to your current strengths, skills, talents, and your ways of thinking. In this course you'll learn the type(s) of roles and careers for the best career path designed for you.


Personal Brand course poster.jpg

Ready to get promoted? Or change careers? In business and in life your reputation enters a room before you do. Your personal brand defines you. Your personal brand allows you to command respect and trust. Your personal brand is the difference maker in the business and in the personal relationships that  connect you with the best career opportunities. Your personal brand gets you promoted, or leaves you in the same role for years.  In this short, easy to follow course I'll show you the career secrets I used to double my salary not once but twice in five years. We'll also show you how to evaluate and build a personal brand that aligns to your best qualities and to your personal & professional goals so you don't end up in a high paying job you hate.


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Career Mastery includes essential skills and techniques to get the interview and job, or make the career change best suited for you. This  includes resume writing, interview best practices, remote work tips, relationship building in remote settings, how to host a meeting, and how to create business sponsors to help you get promoted or help you change careers.  This course also includes a deep dive into proven self-evaluation and mindset coaching techniques to build lasting change, boost your confidence and round out your abilities. Plus get insider networking knowledge and secrets into the Canadian Business & IT market. This means you'll know who to contact if you're interested in a Career in the Canadian Corporate market.


Assertiveness course poster.jpg

Are you too agreeable? Do you avoid speaking your mind, or sharing your real opinion? Do you please others at your own mental or physical cost? If you want to develop your assertiveness skills to bring the respect you deserve, to help reduce daily burnout, add more peace in your life, land your next job interview, improve your personal brand and personal or professional relationships, increase your job pay or get promoted, or get and the working conditions or benefits you deserve, including work conditions, then this course will show you how via practical, proven, and easy to follow assertiveness scenarios and scripts you can take with you in life, and at work. 





Sara Bryant Headshot Testimonial.jpg

Sara Bryant:
ETY-500, RPC-C Counsellor, Life Coach, Experienced Yoga Teacher, Loving Mother

“As a Clinical Counsellor, life coach, Yoga instructor and Facilitator, I’m a big advocate in helping my clients face their fears head on, which Goran does a great job of early into this masterclass.
The first three chapters (Introduction, Self-Evaluation, and Growth Mindset ) target many of the biggest questions each of us must face if we're dedicated and ready to change and improve our lives.
I also love the latest insights into neuroplasticity and how science is showing us that there are practical and effective ways to not only face but overcome our fears, and grow through the experience.
Goran thank you for helping us remove the mental clutter, (something I speak to my clients about often, I liken it to disinfecting our thoughts) and for offering us a way to live a more authentic life!"


Chris Nelson Head shot.jpg

Chris Nelson,
Director of Consulting

"Goal Setting Clarity is one of the biggest things I’ve learned from this masterclass. I’ve added a much needed ‘goal section’ to my work task whiteboard at home, and I now see the value of aligning my actions to my personal and professional career goals.


For example, I've set personal goals like "learn one new thing a day." You've also helped me to identify areas in my life that need some attention and better focus. You've taught be about the importance of reflection, meditation, and flow.
For me, I have a much stronger awareness of my purpose and dream questions, which I'm still working on today. 

And thank you Goran! The passion and effort to consolidate all these articles, studies, tests, research papers, and stories are a testament to just how dedicated you are in creating a masterclass that can change our lives."

Kalina Donald Head Shot Testimonial.jpeg

Kalina Donald,
Founder, CXIO (Chief eXperiential Innovation Officer), humanizeX and TBX Strategist.

“Goran is a seasoned consultant, he is also someone who has walked the line and understands why purpose and experience is so essential to business. 


I was happy to give this testimonial because this course is not just beneficial to individuals, it will also be a HUGE value-add to companies too! It’s a course worth investing your time, talent, energy & resources in as it really drives results.


I can see many business owners and leaders who realize that by prioritizing and actioning employee purpose and experience they not only improve their employee’s engagement as a result, but ALSO help attract and retain TOP talent who aren’t just interested in more money or an extra day off.  It’s a win win for everyone." 


Marisol, Pharmacist

“Thank you Goran for this masterclass!  There is so much content and this is a great holistic guide to personal growth.


I agree that a healthy mind and body starts by evaluating where we are in our lives.


What works for one person may not work for another. This is covered in the masterclass Intro and self-evaluation sections, and also in the growth mindset, personal growth and life foundations areas.


The psychometrics personality test within Chapter 2 - Self-evaluation is also an excellent way to help us understand who we are, including our strengths and talents, and areas we can work on.


The Feynman learning technique was new to me at the end of each chapter, this is really a great way to see if someone really understands what they learned! I think I might try it on my husband!   But seriously, a great technique we can use at home or at work when we’re trying to educate someone on a new concept.


Thanks again Goran. We love your Authentic You Masterclass! - M

Bill Lamont headshot testimonial.jpg

Bill Lamont,
Business Transformation Consultant

"I have been a ‘sprinter without brakes’ for years, always agreeing to take on and deliver more regardless of the excess hours (i.e. 70+hours per week).  This created a self-fulfilling cycle whereby my work was prioritized over my health and family life.

These days, by leveraging the concepts and principles of Self-Evaluation in the masterclass, I have been able to re-prioritize my working efforts to focus on doing what truly adds value rather than say "yes" to everything.  This has led to an improved balance between by my work and personal time resulting in a happier family life as well as a renewed passion for change delivery activity that keeps my fellow work colleagues and clients satisfied.


It goes without saying that I highly recommend this masterclass - if you are ready and willing to take the next steps to better control and improve your life!" 

Rosie Zhang Testimonial Headshot.PNG

Rosie Zhang, Financial Controller

“After just a few weeks of leveraging the materials in this course, I now have less conflict in my life and no longer take on other people’s problems.


I can also see that people see me differently, and treat me differently, with more respect.


I am also a more patient person now, and someone who understands the value of relationships at home and at work.


I now understand that it is not my responsibility to fix everyone else’s problems, which caused added and unnecessary stress in my life.


As per the personality test and self-evaluation section in the course, I know also know more about my strengths and areas I need to work on.


Thank you again Goran for this incredible course and allowing me to live a more authentic life!"

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