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Sober October Results, US Election Day, And What Happens Next Is Up To You

Hi everyone, welcome back to The-Inspired and this short update to keep things rolling.

We have a big day ahead with the US Election, but no matter what happens, remember to stay focused on your person goals, and the process you're using to get there.

If you need some help to get started, or stay focused, checkout our Goal Setting Section and Personal Growth Articles and stay tuned for our much anticipated Inspired Courses covering life and career advice coming soon.

Oh and if you're reading this in the US, go vote! Every voice matters. Your voice matters.

Sober October

Sober October results are in! In short, I did last 30 days without any drinks and for the most part it was pretty easy. But other parts were hard. Overall I'm pleased with the final outcome and we break it all down below!

For those new to the site, Sober October is the month where I decided to punish myself for all those extra indulgences that helped me stack on a few pounds this summer.

But jokes aside, for a refresh on why to practice sober October each year, check out the article published Oct 1st and some amazing results just 10 days in.

Sober October Results - The Good, Bad and the Ugly

1. - The Good - Personally, I lost 8 lbs and 2 inches from my waistline without starving myself!

2. - The Good - My resting heart rate dropped substantially, by 5-7 beats per minute.

3. - The Good - My sleep improved, meaning a solid 7-8.5 hours per night with little interruptions

4. - The Bad - I realized my diet had to change. So I moved to a 40 -30 - 30 split of Proteins, Carbs and Fats. Thanks to a friend, I used a free app called "Lose-it" to calorie count which I cover in this article.

5. - The Ugly - I realized I was not only eating too much sugar, I was also eating way too much Fat.

6. One More Ugly - I also realized I was drinking too much coffee. Like three big heaping cups each day. So I'm taking a break for coffee now to see how that goes, and what benefits come from it.

7. The Very Good - Over a week ago, my wife and I began a 30 minute couples meditation session each night before going to bed. The goal is simple, to empty your head from all the noise. From worrying about the future or the past, and just being in the moment, in peace, and at rest.

8. The Very Good - My meal planning improved, reducing last minute and often bad food choices.

Conclusions to Sober October

Overall I'm very grateful for this challenge and for the lessons I learned in the process. Sober October, it turns out, was a great cleansing experience, but it was something much more.

In taking the time each year to reset, we have the opportunity to look in the mirror and see where we're really at. To take stock of who we are, and how we live, and why we consume what we do.

But ultimately, to empower ourselves, to be responsible for our futures, we must be willing to take 100% accountability for where we are today.

It was also an important reminder in delayed gratification, and the practice of self-discipline. Which can help all of us shine a light in other areas in our lives that might need some change.

As for the nightly couples meditation - the results and sense of peace has been remarkable. If you're not sure how to get started, you can try this 17 minute guided session and checkout our articles on meditation.

Thanks again for reading, until next time, stay inspired.

Goran Yerkovich

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