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The Human Problem Is Real

There's a big problem out there, right now, that no one is talking about... 

It's being amplified by the Global Pandemic, and yet, no one is addressing it...until now. 

It's something called The Human Problem, because as bad as you might feel right now about certain things in your life, the truth is, there are many others, millions in fact, who feel similar to you.


You see, all of us, in many ways, are connected in this very real Human Problem...


Why are there so many people depressed, or not fully satisfied with their lives?  

Why are there so many of us who can't sleep at night?

Why are we worrying all the time? 

Why have some of us lost our spark?

Why have some of us lost our passion, joy, and excitement for LIFE?

Why are we still living with so much conflict, anxiety, and stress everyday of our lives?

WHY can't we tap into our incredible strengths and talents to completely change and transform our lives?

....But what if ALL OF THIS was because...


We never learned: 


HOW to live as our Authentic Selves? 


HOW to live our Authentic Lives?...

“After just a few weeks of leveraging the materials in this course,

I now have less conflict in my life and no longer take on other people’s problems.


I can also see that people see me differently, and treat me differently, with more respect.


I am also a more patient person now, and someone who understands the value of relationships at home and at work.


I now understand that it is not my responsibility to fix everyone else’s problems, which caused added and unnecessary stress in my life.


As per the personality test and self-evaluation section in the course, I know also know more about my strengths and areas I need to work on.


Thank you again Goran for this incredible course and allowing me to live a more authentic life!



Rosie Zhang, Financial Controller



“As the founder of Arbutus Search Group Inc. I have seen the positive and negative effects of the Pandemic on employees. Many people are looking for change, inspiration and even a little guidance.  I think many of those people will benefit from this course. I’m no stranger to some of the very effective goal setting strategies Goran explains in his course, and what it takes to create something from scratch.

What I loved the most in this masterclass is how it explains the steps and importance in understanding our own purpose with more clarity, and how we can work towards assigning purpose to our personal or professional life goals. Great course. Well done Goran!"

Joel Peterson - Founder, Arbutus Search Group Inc.

"I have been a ‘sprinter without brakes’ for years, with the belief that the best way to succeed in my career is by always agreeing to take on and deliver more and more regardless of the excess hours it may take (70+hours per week).  This created a self-fulfilling cycle whereby my work has been prioritised over everything else impacting my health and family life.


But the good news is things have recently changed, particularly due to the time I've invested in learning and applying the lessons from Goran's masterclass 


These days, by leveraging the concepts and principles of Self-Evaluation in the masterclass, I have been able to re-prioritise my working efforts to focus on doing what truly adds value rather than say "yes" to everything.  This has led to an improved balance between by my work and personal time resulting in a happier family life as well as a renewed passion for change delivery activity that keeps my fellow work colleagues and clients satisfied.


Goran's masterclass has also provided me with practical guidance to change my mindset from only taking the relative security of permanent roles to seeking out shorter term project-based contracts.   This has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me that I previously would not have had the confidence to move into thereby improving my future prospects and personal self-growth.  


It goes without saying that I highly recommend this masterclass - if you are ready and willing to take the next steps to better control and improve your life!" 

Bill Lamont, Business Transformation Consultant